Better block: Rodney Williams or Eric May?

The last two nights in the Big Ten have provided college basketball fans with two exciting upsets and a pair of the more impressive blocked shots of the season. On Tuesday night, it was Rodney Williams jumping out of the gym to block a final-minute Victor Oladipo 3-pointer. And tonight, it was Eric May coming from behind to swat Terone Johnson in the final minute. Which block was better? Watch both in this post and vote below.

And here’s Williams’ block from Tuesday night:

Now that you’ve seen both, it’s time to vote.

My answer: Rodney Williams, and it isn’t even close. As nice as May’s block was, I’m not sure when we’ll see a player get up as high as Williams – all while covering a ton of ground, too – on a block again.

Still, I’m sure a few Iowa fans will feel differently.


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Rick on 2/28/2013 @ 4:59pm EDT Said:

Eric May hands down look at the elevation.

LaMichael on 2/28/2013 @ 7:26pm EDT Said:

May’s block was more authoritative. But elevation is not even a question. May’s wrist got above the rim. William’s head was at rim level.

Vic on 3/2/2013 @ 8:15pm EDT Said:

Not even a question…Rodney’s was more impressive. His hand is above the square on the backboard, his head is as high as the rim, and his shoulder is at level of the net (8ft).

John on 3/8/2013 @ 2:20pm EDT Said:

Eric May was from a stand still Rodney’s was with a running start. May reacted to a great player in the post. Rodney was caught out of position and had to catch up.