Thursday's Iowa-Nebraska game moved to Saturday

Nebraska and Iowa athletic departments, in conjunction with the Big Ten Conference, announced Tuesday afternoon that the Iowa-Nebraska game, originally scheduled for Thursday night, has been moved to 2 p.m. ET Saturday at the Bob Devaney Sports Center.

The move was prompted by the winter storm expected to hit the upper Midwest on Wednesday and Thursday, and was announced in advance for the safety of student-athletes, fans and game-day personnel. Saturday’s date was available for both teams, as Thursday’s scheduled matchup was the only game of the week for both Iowa and Nebraska.

The game was originally scheduled to be on ESPN2, and television information for Saturday’s rescheduled game will be announced as soon as it becomes available

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James Harrold on 2/19/2013 @ 6:44pm EDT Said:

Please find a way to put this game on BTN or ESPN or ESPNNews or ESPNClassic….somehow,give Iowa and Nebraska the respect of showing this game live.


Cory Brada on 2/20/2013 @ 11:27am EDT Said:

Can’t BTN put this game on either its main network or alternative network for satellite customers?

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