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Bryan Stoltz on 2/14/2013 @ 12:24am EDT Said:

How bad the Big Ten officiating has been lately I don’t blame him. I also would like to know why announcers have to back the referees on every little call or no call they make. Or when they the referees actually make a good call away from the basket (Appling from MSU taking a charge on TTUN Trey Burke) and asking if the refs should of called that foul. Also the whole thing about refs sucking on the whistle at the end if game because they don’t want to decide the game, but yet when they don’t call a foul that has occurred they do decide the game. A foul is a foul so call it.

dane on 2/14/2013 @ 8:08am EDT Said:

time for a new coach at Purdue? painter has proven he can not recruit. too many division 2 players.

Brad on 2/14/2013 @ 10:39am EDT Said:

Guess Matt needs to run up and down the sidelines, wave his arms and run on the court like Crean, Groce, Izzo. He probably got tired of watching the game. BOILER UP!!

Twank on 2/14/2013 @ 1:59pm EDT Said:

New coach at Purdue? The craziest question I’ve heard all year. Matt painter can’t recruit? Two players going to the NBA in the past two years and now another will leave for the pros in 2 years (Hammons). Sounds like we’ve got an IU fan who can’t do his homework. #boilerup

Matt on 2/14/2013 @ 2:08pm EDT Said:

Bryan I am with you. A foul called in the first minute of the game is also a foul in the last minute of the game. That isn’t just at the college level, you see that in high school as well.

travis on 2/14/2013 @ 3:53pm EDT Said:

hey dane you obviously don’t know what you are talking he recruited aj hammonds the best freshman center in nation and matt painter did recruit from oak hill and basketball producing high school. ur probably a iu fan that got basically got every single basketball player from indiana. and look at thad matta he recruited trey burke and aaron craft but he chose aaron craft instead of trey burke. #boiler up

Todd Weaver (@boileratlaw) on 2/14/2013 @ 4:48pm EDT Said:

B1G officiating has been awful for quite some time. Most of the refs should retire now as they were refs back when I was in college in the early 90’s (Hightower, Valentine). Time for them to go and bring in younger guys who can actually run up and down the court and who don’t have to go to the monitor to check every call.

Greg Enoch on 2/14/2013 @ 7:12pm EDT Said:

I live in the Lafayette area and can say for sure there’s a ton of bitterness here this year towards IU…nothing new but funny to listen to and read!! Guess their memory is waning too complaining about other coaches behavior on the sidelines when Gene Keady used to rip his coat off and throw it at Weber every game!! All I can say is “Banner Up”!!!!

benjaminfugate on 2/14/2013 @ 8:37pm EDT Said:

He certainly is moving into Keady territory!

Marlene on 2/14/2013 @ 10:11pm EDT Said:

Our players should play with grit and determination the entire game. That is what I believe a real Boilermaker does. I am a Purdue Graduate, class of 1980 and I am not giving up on our team. In my opinion, it is an honor and a privilege to be a member of Matt Painter’s team. I am just saying what I think.