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Doug on 1/31/2013 @ 9:26pm EDT Said:

MSU nearly threw the 8 pt advantage away? They still won by 5 and started the second half with a 14-0 run. How about saying what a nice comeback win for MSU? staff on 1/31/2013 @ 9:31pm EDT Said:

    “When the second frame got underway, the Spartans took control of the game. …” Congrats to Michigan State, Doug. Nice win.

Jordan on 1/31/2013 @ 9:39pm EDT Said:

How about the difference in free throws in this game? If a team cant win when they shoot that many more free throws then they arent very good. Illinois out play MSU the entire game except the 5 minute stretch to start the second half. Illinois got the short end of the stick with the officiating in this game. Should have been an upset but it was not allowed!!!

Kirby on 2/1/2013 @ 4:08am EDT Said:

Well MSU got the short end of the officiating stick in the Indiana game. It just happens at home in the Big Ten

Doug on 2/1/2013 @ 7:56am EDT Said:

Hey Jordan, that’s how MSU Fans felt at Indiana last Sunday ! Home teams sure do seem to get more free throws, don’t they ?