Tom Crean, Bo Ryan share hurried handshake

Tom Crean and Bo Ryan have long been bitter rivals. The rivalry goes back to Crean’s Marquette days, when the two coaches faced off once a season. Nowadays, they typically play twice a year. And since Crean came to Indiana, in 2008, Ryan has owned the rivalry, to the tune of a 9-0 record. The latest win came in Tuesday’s upset at Assembly Hall, and neither coach seemed overly excited about greeting the other in the postgame handshake line. Watch the ultra-quick handshake now.

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Admittedly, it’s just a handshake. For all we know, the two coaches could have exchanged pleasantries before the game or after it, when the cameras weren’t around.

That said, it’s not every day you see a handshake as quick as that one. Plus, it got basketball fans’ attention.

The two won’t meet again this season, unless Indiana and Wisconsin face off in the Big Ten tourney or NCAA tourney.

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Rally Tim on 1/16/2013 @ 12:45am EST Said:

Crean is a sore loser. Just listen to his post-game presser.

Andy Hayman on 1/16/2013 @ 7:11am EST Said:

Post game interview with Bo revealed he had the flu, maybe that explains the quick shake.

Skiman (@skidogmsn) on 1/16/2013 @ 10:48am EST Said:

Face it, Crean is a sore loser

Billy on 1/16/2013 @ 11:44am EST Said:

Andy, that has to be one of the dumbest things I’ve heard in a long time, especially considering this isn’t even close to the first time it’s happened.

Dwight on 1/16/2013 @ 12:36pm EST Said:


Betty on 1/16/2013 @ 3:20pm EST Said:

Clappy wasn’t too clappy. WEay to go Bo!

Doug on 1/16/2013 @ 4:09pm EST Said:

Crean is owned by Bo, he hates it, it’s that simple.

TSNGA on 1/16/2013 @ 4:41pm EST Said:

There have been quicker ones. Why is this a story???

Travis on 1/16/2013 @ 4:55pm EST Said:

Didn’t seem that bad to me, he shook hands with 3 coaches and they were all quick. Did you expect Crean to give the guy a hug and chat him up for 5 minutes?

Pro8 on 1/16/2013 @ 10:36pm EST Said:

Not a first, he did the same thing with Thad Matta 2 years ago.

Jwyrman on 1/16/2013 @ 11:20pm EST Said:

Well Clappy doesn’t like Bo Jangles cause Bo is still trying to spoon his commits away much like he did during Clappy’s years at Marquette. Just ask Luke Fishers Dad. Bo knows…

Danimal on 1/17/2013 @ 3:01pm EST Said:

I sure hope that we get another shot at them in the Big Ten tourney. What a miserable outing that was for the Hoosiers.
By the way, experience didn’t hurt the Badgers either, who start three “5th year” seniors…..

Bob Chorba on 1/21/2013 @ 12:49am EST Said:

Marquette (an Crean) did not face Bo in Crean’s first 2 seasons.

Mike on 3/30/2013 @ 11:54am EST Said:

I like that Crean is a sore loser. So am I. It shows how much he cares..
He’s one of the most intense men alive.
Hopefully he will lead Indiana back to where they belong.

Jed Foster on 2/13/2014 @ 12:35pm EST Said:

But he needs to be careful. He about tore Bo’s arm off.