Surveying fans: Your thoughts on Big Ten changes?

Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany appeared on a panel with Southeastern Conference Commissioner Mike Slive and Big East Commissioner Mike Aresco this week and described the Big Ten as “inactive but alert” when it comes to the current expansion landscape. Last month, Rutgers and Maryland announced they would both be joining the Big Ten Conference.

You can read a good recap of the event with more comments here, but it’s another good chance for you to answer the many questions raised when a conference of 12 schools expands to a conference of 14. That’s why last week we launched a Big Ten realignment and expansion survey, which has already been completed by thousands of readers and viewers.

“Monitoring the landscape is overused so we’re trying to figure out what’s the most apt way to describe where we are,” Delany said at that same event. “One hundred percent moving toward integration of the 14 (members). With schedules, branding and divisional alignment.”

And so, let’s get to those questions. For instance, where do you stand on the division names Legends and Leaders?’s Tom Dienhart and Brent Yarina have their thoughts here. But we’re also asking questions such as, “Currently, the Big Ten plays 8 conference games in football. Should that number increase?” The whole survey is here below. Dive in an sound off. The feedback we get will be incorporated into upcoming BTN TV shows a we kick these questions around for the entire month of December.


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Phil Blue on 12/7/2012 @ 3:49pm EDT Said:

Sorry, but I don’t think adding Maryland and Rutgers to the Big ‘Ten’ is a positive move. It waters down the Midwest powers. It’s like deja vu all over again for Penn State who now can play the schools they used to own before joining the big ten. Penn State thought they would own the big ten, but in fact have been, for the most part, an also ran. I predict the two newbies will suffer the same consequences.

larrjway on 12/8/2012 @ 12:44pm EDT Said:

I am from Iowa, but that may crowd the alotted time for your favorites, Ohio st, Michigan, Penn State, Nebraska. Every time I turn on BTN I can count on seeing Ohio st at something. I really thought the big 12 had a problem with Texas!

julius sudderth on 12/8/2012 @ 1:58pm EDT Said:

Go buck!:-)

Sohobuck on 12/8/2012 @ 11:27pm EDT Said:

Start a national campaign involving all conferences, except the SEC, to put an end to oversigning in the SEC. It’s time all of the other conferences put them in their place. It’s easy to beat everyone when you have extra players to choose from every year. Are all of the other conferences afraid of the SEC or afraid of ESecPN. Put us on an even footing. Get our four Super-conferences and get rid of the NCAA jokers, NOW! Our teams need to stop disrespecting each other and RIP on the SEC and ESecPN. In numbers there is power!!!!!

Ryan on 12/10/2012 @ 12:32pm EDT Said:

The last two schools to get in should be Notre Dame and Boston College. Notre Dame requires no further explanation, however here is my pitch for Boston College. Since its obvious that Maryland and Rutgers were added for their TV markets and don’t really bring much to the conference in any sport there is a precedent set to add other schools for their TV markets and Boston is a big one. Boston College however does bring something to the table athletically, hockey, and an expansion of BC along with ND would give the Big Ten 8 hockey schools, 5 of which would have multiple national championships.

Jeff on 12/10/2012 @ 8:51pm EDT Said:

THE GAME should be played once per year (unless they get to the national championship game) not potentially 2 times per year and what’s even worse it could be on back to back weeks as it stands now. Otherwise rename “THE GAME” to “THE First of potentially 2 GAME(s)” and maybe they will tie. change that no matter what.
Great rivalries play once a year winner take all.

New divisions
Legends of the West Leaders of the East
Iowa Mich
Minn PSU
Wisc Mich ST
North Rut
Ill Mary
PUR ACC team 1
IU Other Team 2

Forget ND it is not happening and Delaney knows it and is making ND pay by diluting the ACC and grabbing Big Markets. Go Get Georgia Tech and XXXXXX. We get a chance to go into the heart of the SEC and recruit a little easier with TV and even a little help with being away from family (traveling to Atlanta to play GT). Big Big 10 population base (7th largest market) in greater Atlanta and that is a growing city. 15 years down the road it will still be one of the largest growth major markets in the country. Baseball is fabulous at GT and helps recruiting more than you think.
As for the other team……not sure lots of options but if you really want DC go get VTech or Virginia.

Jeff in Nebraska on 12/12/2012 @ 2:41am EDT Said:

Fact : for who may want to know here’s the records of the B10 schools since merger and divisional play(also added the new)#1 Wisconsin 19-8(12-6) 2 Nebraska 20-7(12-5) 3 Mich 19-6(12-4) 4* OSU 18-7(11-5) 5 Rutgers 18-7(9-5) 6* PSU 17-8(12-4) 7 Mich St 17-9(10-7). Next Seven; 8 Northwestern 15-10(8-8) 9 Purdue 13-12(7-9) 10 Iowa 11-14(6-10) 11 Minnesota 9-15(4-12) 12 ILLINI 9-16(2-14) 13 Maryland 6-18(3-13) 14 Indiana 5-19(2-14). Badgers winning both Title games against Cornhuskers and Spartans. Buckeyes & Wolverines has not played in Title game yet.* Sanction. I included Knights & Terps past two years from to be former conferences Records.Yes Michigan and Ohio State is good but it is Badgers and then Nebraska are the top two in B10 regardless of bad title loss .Maybe you will get your Michigan Oho State title game but you haven’t yet so give other schools credit when credit due ? A lot of readers keep saying Michigan Buckeyes and Penn State….check facts on over all performances?

jeff on 12/12/2012 @ 5:47pm EDT Said:

I mention OSU because that is obviously the school i went to and have the most passion aboput and you obviously did not. I agreee Wisc is a great football scholl adn i hope it continues. However i am simply matching OSU and MIch to preseve the tradition of the game. Does it then effect the rest of the big 10 unfairly or negatively….No Way. The conferences i laid out have a veruy good top balance in football and basketball. IE top schools in West Wiisc, Nebraska ( always strong) and then Northewestern, Illinios and Iowa all ahve good potential and have been to the rose bowl in the last 20 years. On the other end OSU and Mich ( always strong) and then Pen State and Mich State pretty strong so I agree the east may be a little stronger but in the end you want to preserve rivalries, keep the conferences geographic if possible and also keep it balanced for football ( we shall see what the big 10 does for the rest of the conference.
So i think if you look at what i propose there is not isolation of OSU and Mich and no care for the rest of the leaque. In the divisions ALL traditional rivaleries would stay ( loo at the breakdown) as is and the geographic match is the best. So I think your missing the big picture and foucsing on why I want to preserve the game as part of this strategy. If I truly did not give any credit to the rest of the big 10 I would simply just comment on OSU mich and forget the rest or i would say how OSU is by far the clearly dominate big 10 team in the last 12 years and the facts would back that up. Additional facts would indicate looking back over 2 years means forgetting the fact that PSU and OSu were on probation and that Maybe has effected those results over the past 2 years…just guessing ! Maybe you got upset when you just read the begining of my post and not the whole thing….. not sure but your certainly missed the point and foucs of the WHOLE message

Drew on 12/21/2012 @ 11:20pm EDT Said:

I see no problem with the names “Legends” and “Leaders”, though the divisions will likely be adjusted to accommodate Maryland and Rutgers’ athletic transportation budgets (all sports). Regarding future expansion, based on market territory* and academic similarity, Missouri and Syracuse** make sense.

*regional similaity remains possible and valuable in the case of the Big Ten
**never forced out of AAU membership, has “flagship” state school characteristics
***Obviously, Notre Dame would be welcomed with open arms should they ever end their independence. There brethren at Boston College would then be attractive for completing the Northeast market.

Sandy Wilmoth Ashley on 1/16/2013 @ 11:21am EDT Said:

I think the best scenerio is the East / West conference division – west would include: IA, NE, MN, WI, Il, Northwestern, & Purdue The rest in the east!