Alvarez to coach Badgers in Rose Bowl

Wisconsin athletic director Barry Alvarez announced Thursday morning that he will coach the Wisconsin Badgers in the Rose Bowl after the Badgers players asked him to lead them in Pasadena.

“My first concern is about the players,” Alvarez said as he explained the decision. After Bret Bielema accepted the job as football coach at Arkansas, Alvarez said he was contacted by Wisconsin co-captain Mike Taylor and said the players told him they would like Alvarez to coach them in the Rose Bowl.

“I told him I would be honored to coach them,” Alvarez said. “I wanted them (the players) to understand, if I’m going to coach, we weren’t going to screw around, we’re going to go out and win.”

AP: Wisconsin is going retro for the Rose Bowl. ]

Alvarez said it would just be for this one game. When asked if he ever missed coaching, Alvarez drew some laughs from the crowd when he answered, “Just on the big games.”

“I don’t want this to be about me,” Alvarez said. “I want this to be about the players.”

Alvarez said he didn’t think it would be appropriate to hire former Wisconsin coordinator Paul Chryst after Chryst spent just one season as Pitt’s head coach. “Paul is going to stay at Pitt,” Alvarez said.

Recently elected to the College Football Hall of Fame, Alvarez coached Wisconsin for 16 seasons (1990-2005) and won three Big Ten and Rose Bowl titles. He finished No. 1 on Wisconsin’s a;;-time win list with a record of 118-73-4 record.

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Alvarez knows bowls as he has coached or played in 22 bowl games at Wisconsin, Notre Dame, Iowa and Nebraska.

This morning in his daily links post, senior writer Tom Dienhart wrote, ” I love it. In fact, Alvarez is the 3-0 in Rose Bowls, beating Stanford in Pasadena after the 1999 season for Wisconsin’s last victory in the “Granddaddy Of Them All.” That’s good enough for me, especially knowing that Bielema was 0-2 in the Rose Bowl with an embarrassing loss to TCU.”

Feeling nostalgic, Badgers fans. Earlier this fall our TV show “Big Ten Elite” profileds 1993 Wisconsin Badgers. Watch  a clip below and watch the whole show on BTN2Go.

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bob jones on 12/6/2012 @ 11:41am EDT Said:

We still love Barry Alvarez here in Nebraska, a great guy, once a Nebraska, always a Nebraskan. Go Barry, Go Wisconsin.

Gary A. Engberg on 12/6/2012 @ 11:47am EDT Said:

Badger Nation will be in great shape regardless of losing Bret. Barry is going to do a good hire that will make everyone happy. We are in great hands with Barry Alvarez at the helm. Most people I know will forget Bret soon and I guarantee Bret will not get a statue in Madison. Go Badgers, On Wisconsin! Gary A. Engberg W ’72

sbuel2 on 12/6/2012 @ 12:11pm EDT Said:

Barry helped Nebraska’s search for our new AD to replace Tom Osbourne with Wisconsin ties. He will do well coaching one more game (who knows, maybe he will pull a Bill Snyder and unretire). KState almost made the championship game with Snyder. Good man and he will chose a new coach who is going to succeed at Wisconsin. He was a great player at Nebraska. Go Wisconsin and win the Rose Bowl with your temp coach.

Ed Crawford on 12/6/2012 @ 1:05pm EDT Said:

I live in Iowa and we had Barry as a Defensive Coordinator at Iowa during the good years when Hayden Fry was coach and Bill Snyder was offensive coordinator. I am very disappointed that Bret has thrown away this push that Barry Alvarez gave him. He was handed the program and done a terrific job, but then bolted to the SEC. Is there no loyalty to a university or conference anymore?
Kirk Ferenz is too loyal to his ways, Quarterbacks, and coaches to win games anymore. We were hopeing to get a guy like Bret or Pat Fitzgerald. that would be aggressive and dominate games.