Live blog: Relive the Big Ten title game

Look back at the Big Ten Championship Game live blog from Tom Dienhart and Brent Yarina. staff December 1, 201211:48 pm

And that’s the ballgame. Wisconsin wins 70-31 in a Big Ten Football Championship blowout, the Badgers second title game win in as many years. We’ll have more coverage up here soon, including column form Dienhart and more video. Thanks for joining us. This concludes the live blog.

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 201211:27 pm

The :jet sweep” works all night for the Badgers. Just looking faster all night than Nebraska.

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 201211:27 pm

Ball leaves with 202 yards rushing.

Brent Yarina, December 1, 201211:17 pm

During the timeout they tried to shoot shirts up into the stands. It didn’t work, as shirts just fell to ground. Luckily, Bucky was there to throw them up to the crowd.

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 201211:13 pm

Why wasn’t that a penalty on Borland for slamming Martinez?

Brent Yarina, December 1, 201211:12 pm

That was a wrestling tackle there by Borland.

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 201211:10 pm

Last time Wisconsin won a Rose Bowl was vs. Stanford after 1999 season. So there you go.

Brent Yarina, December 1, 201211:05 pm

Man, Howard Griffith doesn’t look too impressed in that photo. No Chris Fowler reax, that’s for sure. staff December 1, 201211:03 pm

Another impressive photo, this one from Brian Spurlock of US PRESSWIRE.

Brent Yarina, December 1, 201211:03 pm

Is it still only the third quarter?! Geez!

Brent Yarina, December 1, 201210:57 pm

Who knows, maybe Wisconsin would be beating Ohio State right now. They played a close game earlier this season, when the Badgers didn’t look like this.

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 201210:54 pm

Three–count ’em THREE—Badger backs over 100 yards rushing.

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 201210:54 pm

Watching this I wonder: How badly would the Buckeyes be beating the Huskers? OSU hung 63 on Nebraska this year.

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 201210:48 pm

Is there a mercy rule in college football? Someone check the rulebook, please.

Brent Yarina, December 1, 201210:45 pm

It’ll be interesting to see how Nebraska rebounds from this. It could lead to a flat bowl performance. staff December 1, 201210:45 pm

Nebraska’s Kenny Bell laid a big block on Wisconsin’s Devin Smith in the third quarter of the Big Ten Football Championship game. The hit was ruled a penalty and nullified a touchdown for Nebraska.

Brent Yarina, December 1, 201210:42 pm

I think it could be kind of entertaining, no?

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 201210:41 pm

I’ll just say this: I’m glad I’m not sitting by Bo on the plane ride back to Lincoln. This. Defense. Is. Embarrassing.

Brent Yarina, December 1, 201210:40 pm

This is an absolute clinic. Make a tackle!

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 201210:39 pm

Montee Ball has such nifty feet, which compensates for his lack of blazing speed. And he is so tough.

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 201210:34 pm

Nice TD for Huskers. Now the tough part: stopping the Badgers. Can they do it?

Brent Yarina, December 1, 201210:33 pm

“He went low and late, Coach!” yells the official over the PA system.

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 201210:32 pm

Don’t know about you, but when I see Martinez scramble around, I worry about a bad throw.

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 201210:28 pm

That’s what they call in the biz a “de-cleater”

Brent Yarina, December 1, 201210:27 pm

Devin Smith is up after that big block from Kenny Bell.

Brent Yarina, December 1, 201210:27 pm

That was a gigantic block. Maybe too powerful.

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 201210:26 pm

I guess this is when Bo will find out who really wants to play. Gotta keep fighting.

Brent Yarina, December 1, 201210:23 pm

Not a surprise. Not sure we’ll ever see it again.

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 201210:20 pm

Best to my knowledge, a 5 loss team never has gone to Rose Bowl.

Brent Yarina, December 1, 201210:20 pm

As that interception happened, I was typing “all” Huskers need to win is five TDs and no Badger points. That should do it.

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 201210:20 pm

Second half couldn’t have started any worse for #Huskers.

Brent Yarina, December 1, 201210:13 pm

With 3:30 left in halftime, the Huskers come out of the locker room. Badgers had been out for several minutes. Wonder what Pelini said to his team.

Brent Yarina, December 1, 201210:08 pm

There’s opening up the playbook and what the Badgers are doing tonight. After that Indiana game, which sealed Wisconsin’s berth in this game, it was like Bielema and company went as vanilla as possible. And now this. staff December 1, 201210:07 pm

Did someone say something earlier about emptying the playbook? Wisconsin’s James White passes to Sam Arneson for a 3-yard touchdown against Nebraska in the second quarter.

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 201210:02 pm

Sit down for this: 391 yards for Wisconsin with 290 coming on the ground. staff December 1, 20129:53 pm

Here’s that interview with Penn State’s Bill O’Brien from a little earlier.

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 20129:50 pm

I hope the paint in the Huskers locker room is EXTRA strength, because Bo is gonna peel it with his halftime speech. 42-10 Badgers, halftime.

Brent Yarina, December 1, 20129:50 pm

Well, I’m stunned. Absolutely stunned.

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 20129:48 pm

Another trick play from Wisconsin’s bottomless bag of trick plays.

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 20129:48 pm

Lots of good coaching instructional video being produced tonight by Nebraska on how NOT to tackle.

Brent Yarina, December 1, 20129:47 pm

After that run, I wouldn’t be surprised if Bo Pelini makes a tackle tonight. He must be TICKED.

Brent Yarina, December 1, 20129:45 pm

Not going to happen. Do Badgers go for more or kneel and go to half? It’s Bielema, so I say they go for more.

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 20129:43 pm

Yes, Brent. That is a massive understatement.

Brent Yarina, December 1, 20129:42 pm

You get the feeling Nebraska needs a score here – no matter what it is – just for momentum going into the half, too?

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 20129:42 pm

Just think of this: Nebraska’s only TD has come on a broken play, crazy run by Martinez. That’s it.

Brent Yarina, December 1, 20129:39 pm

Wisconsin has one win over a plus-500 team this year (Utah State, 10-2). This would be its best win by FAR. staff December 1, 20129:39 pm

Wisconsin’s James White scores from nine yards out.

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 20129:39 pm

Does Nebraska miss Baker Steinkuhler THIS much on the inside of d-line? Huskers getting manhandled up front.

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 20129:36 pm

Those “Fumble Blues” strike Nebraska again. Huskers entered game with Big Ten high 20 fumbles lost.

Brent Yarina, December 1, 20129:35 pm

Nebraska’s Achilles heel (turnovers) strikes again.

Brent Yarina, December 1, 20129:31 pm

If Wisconsin holds on, I’m sure Bielema will have even more new wrinkles in Pasadena.

Brent Yarina, December 1, 20129:31 pm

What is Stanford thinking watching this game? No doubt, they’re seeing all the new wrinkles Wisconsin is debuting.

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 20129:29 pm

When Wisconsin won at IU 62-14, it had only 24 halftime points. It has 35 now.

Brent Yarina, December 1, 20129:28 pm

And there’s Montee Ball’s first touchdown. Bet it’s not his last tonight.

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 20129:27 pm

If Bo Pelini chews his gum any harder, he’s gonna shatter his teeth. staff December 1, 20129:27 pm

Just a reminder: We’ll post BTN’s earlier interview with Penn State’s Bill O’Brien right here at halftime. Now, back to the track meet …

Brent Yarina, December 1, 20129:27 pm

Question: Is Bo Pelini more ticked at his defense right now or at UCLA?

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 20129:22 pm

In case you are wondering, and I know those in Madison are, the Badgers’ season high was 62 points at IU.

Brent Yarina, December 1, 20129:21 pm

Wisconsin players on sideline were asking for fans to get loud on that 3rd down play, and it worked. Martinez sacked; Maher to punt.

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 20129:20 pm

Badgers already have exceeded their point total in loss at Nebraska earlier this year (27).

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 20129:18 pm

Nebraska may have used up its magic in those 4 other comeback losses.

Brent Yarina, December 1, 20129:18 pm

Nebraska rallied from 17 points down in the season’s first meeting. We’re at 18 right now.

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 20129:18 pm

I’m starting to think NOT!!!

Brent Yarina, December 1, 20129:17 pm

OK, Tom, we’ve talked so much about Nebraska’s ability to rally this season – can they do it again tonight?

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 20129:15 pm

4 Wisconsin TDs….. none by Ball…..

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 20129:15 pm

Are you having fun yet? I am! This play calling is delicious!!

Brent Yarina, December 1, 20129:15 pm

Bielema is pulling out all the tricks tonight.

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 20129:14 pm

Wisconsin should throw the ball to James White in the flat 5-10 times a game. He is so fast in space.

Brent Yarina, December 1, 20129:13 pm

According to press box, Wisconsin DB Darius Hillary out for game with head injury.

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 20129:07 pm

Hey, Nebraska DOES have a punter!!

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 20129:06 pm

Last year, Badgers led Spartans, 21-7, after one quarter.

Brent Yarina, December 1, 20129:06 pm

Something I just realized: Gordon’s 56-yard scamper for game’s first score matched Badgers’ final rushing total at Nebraska earlier this season.

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 20129:05 pm

340 yards of combined offense in first quarter….

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 20129:03 pm

End of the first quarter in Indy. Someone get me a towel and some oxygen. Badgers 21, Huskers 10. Whew!

Brent Yarina, December 1, 20129:01 pm

Yep, you’re here, you need one win to get to the Rose Bowl, so you’re more likely to do a trick play and stuff like that.

Brent Yarina, December 1, 20129:00 pm

The conditions probably help, but I also think teams play these games with nothing to loose, meaning they take more risks. Open up the playbook, try new formations, do crazy things.

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 20129:00 pm

I think conditions help. But I think it’s more teams “not holding back.” This is it. Now or never Play loose. Play fast. Have fun.

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 20128:59 pm

Wisconsin is emptying its playbook, apparently. Will we see Husker run Fumblerooski???? staff December 1, 20128:59 pm

Question for Tom and Brent. Are these first two Big Ten Championship games loaded with offense because it involves two teams that come in from the cold and get to play in ideal conditions? It must be like being on vacation in that dome.

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 20128:57 pm

Never thought Gordon and White would score before Montee!!! staff December 1, 20128:57 pm

Here’s a great shot from US Presswire’s Richard Mackson of that amazing run by Martinez.

Brent Yarina, December 1, 20128:56 pm

Don’t think I’ve ever seen a formation like that one. Almost looked like what teams do prior to a PAT, before they come back into a normal formation.

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 20128:55 pm

Bret Bielema went to page 259 in his playbook for that one!

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 20128:52 pm

You may be right. Could take 40 to win this….

Brent Yarina, December 1, 20128:50 pm

At some point, the defenses will get their footing. Right? I don’t know, maybe 32.

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 20128:49 pm

How many points is it gonna take to win this, Brent? staff December 1, 20128:48 pm

Taylor Martinez scrambles and then runs 76 yards for a touchdown against Nebraska in the first quarter of the Big Ten Football Championship game.

Brent Yarina, December 1, 20128:48 pm

Nebraska fans love him a lot. That guy will go down as one of the program’s all-time faves.

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 20128:46 pm

So good to see Rex Burkhead being …. Rex Burkhead. Love the guy. You should, too.

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 20128:44 pm

Looks like defense is “optional” tonight. staff December 1, 20128:42 pm

Wisconsin’s Marcus Cromartie intercept’s Taylor Martinez in the first quarter and runs it in for a touchdown. staff December 1, 20128:40 pm

Wisconsin Badgers running back Melvin Gordon scored a quick touchdown in the first quarter. Here’s the highlight, the first off, well, a few scores here in the first quarter. More video to come ….

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 20128:40 pm

If Keith Jackson was calling this game, how many “Whoa, Nellies!” would he have already chortled?

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 20128:39 pm

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why they call him “T Magic.”

Brent Yarina, December 1, 20128:39 pm

The way this is going, I wouldn’t be surprised if Huskers go with onside kick.

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 20128:38 pm

Yes, Brent. Both were good run by T Magic. But this was better.

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 20128:37 pm

Last year, the Big Ten title game was 42-39. We may be in store for another barn burner.

Brent Yarina, December 1, 20128:37 pm

Better than his UCLA run? You liked that one a lot, too.

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 20128:37 pm

I’m gonna go ahead and call that the “Run Of The Year.” Has to be.

Brent Yarina, December 1, 20128:35 pm

Huskers need something. At the very least, move the ball a bit to flip field position.

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 20128:33 pm

If there is such a thing as a “crucial” first quarter drive, this is it for the #Huskers.

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 20128:31 pm

Yes, 5 Badgers losses were by a combined 19 points. Three in OT.

Brent Yarina, December 1, 20128:30 pm

Bret Bielema talked a lot Friday about how his team is better than its record. Sure looks like the case early on.

Brent Yarina, December 1, 20128:29 pm

Think Bo Pelini would like to push the restart button?

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 20128:29 pm

This wasn’t in the script. 14-0 after pick six by Cromartie. Well, at least Nebraska is used to coming back, right? Right?

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 20128:26 pm

Wisconsin’s up 7-0 before most fans have finished their first brat … or hot dog … or veggie burger.

Brent Yarina, December 1, 20128:25 pm

The Huskers, it would seem, are more comfortable coming from behind.

Brent Yarina, December 1, 20128:25 pm

Nebraska has Wisconsin where it wants it!

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 20128:24 pm

Oh, Melvin Gordon is the THIRD team RB……

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 20128:24 pm

I think it’s vital for #Badgers to get a lead, as they aren’t a great comeback or passing team. BINGO!!

Brent Yarina, December 1, 20128:24 pm

Who had Melvin Gordon with the first touchdown tonight? No one, that’s right.

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 20128:22 pm

Not a good start for Husker D.

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 20128:21 pm

Wisconsin will do what Wisconsin will do … run. No. Matter. What.

Brent Yarina, December 1, 20128:21 pm

“28 Ball, the ball carrier,” the press box PA guy says. We better get used to it.

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 20128:21 pm

Here is Curt Phillips. This time last year, he was rehabbing a knee!!

Brent Yarina, December 1, 20128:19 pm

I’ll go with two. Scored three in first meeting this year.

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 20128:19 pm

How many TDs tonight for Montee? I say at least one.

Brent Yarina, December 1, 20128:18 pm

Uh yeah, definitely favor Maher over French. Maher is one of Big Ten’s best. Just got off to a slow start this season.

Brent Yarina, December 1, 20128:17 pm

Expect a bunch of Montee Ball, yes?

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 20128:17 pm

Wisconsin wins toss and opts to receive. Hmmmm. I likey. Take it to ’em!

Brent Yarina, December 1, 20128:12 pm

To be clear, the boos came when the Big Ten was introducing this year’s individual award winners at midfield. Miller took in stride, with a big smile.

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 20128:12 pm

If this thing comes down to someone having to make a big kick, I like Nebraska’s Brett Maher better than Wisconsin’s Kyle French.

Brent Yarina, December 1, 20128:04 pm

Lucas Oil Stadium greets Braxton Miller with boos.

Brent Yarina, December 1, 20128:02 pm

And only one coaches at his alma mater. Funny how things work out.

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 20128:01 pm

Bo Pelini (Ohio State) and Bret Bielema (Iowa) are two of the three Big Ten coaches who are Big Ten alums. The other is Firz, who coaches his alma mater at Northwestern.

Brent Yarina, December 1, 20127:59 pm

Interesting. If Burkhead is 100 percent, as Bo Pelini says, I’d feel comfortable taking Nebraska’s duo. Abdullah could be Big Ten’s best next season – as long as Cross doesn’t poach all of his TDs.

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 20127:58 pm

Great matchup of running backs tonight, with Montee Ball/James White vs. Ameer Abdullah/Rex Burkhead. Which tandem is better? It’ll take the Badger duo.

Brent Yarina, December 1, 20127:57 pm

Nice stat, Tom. But Indiana and Purdue aren’t exactly Nebraska. Am I right?

Brent Yarina, December 1, 20127:56 pm

The weather conditions are freezing in the press box, to the point where I’m blowing in my hands.

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 20127:56 pm

Fun fact: Wisconsin has not lost a game in the state of Indiana since 2002. Under Bielema, the Badgers are 8-0 in the state of Indiana,

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 20127:55 pm

Fun fact: Nebraska’s first bowl trip ever was to the Rose Bowl after the 1940 season. Its foe? Stanford….. staff December 1, 20127:54 pm

Guys, what are the weather conditions like at the game? But we kid.

Brent Yarina, December 1, 20127:48 pm

Taylor vs. Johnny Football would be fun.

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 20127:47 pm

We all know the winner will go to the Rose Bowl to play Stanford. But where would each team go if it lost? I think Nebraska would go to the Capital One and play Texas A&M. I think Wisconsin would play in the Gator vs. Mississippi State if it loses tonight.

Brent Yarina, December 1, 20127:43 pm

I think James White has to have a big game. Ball does well against Huskers, but White didn’t do much in Sept game, the one where Huskers limited Badgers to 50-something rush yards.

Brent Yarina, December 1, 20127:42 pm

It’s going to be really tough to pass against this Nebraska defense. There are none better at defending the pass.

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 20127:41 pm

Key players? For Wisconsin, it’s gotta be QB Curt Phillips. The guy has to show he can pass if Nebraska commits to stopping the run. For Nebraska, it’s Cameron Meredith, who will play inside and outside on the d-line. He must be a force vs. the run and bring some heat.

Brent Yarina, December 1, 20127:38 pm

Very valid point. One thing to keep in mind is that the team who has scored first in this game the last two times has lost. Will it happen again?

Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer December 1, 20127:36 pm

Kickoff is drawing near. I wonder how Wisconsin will react if it gets off to a slow start? I think the Badgers may have a fragile psyche having lost three of their last four games…. staff December 1, 20127:34 pm

Tom and Brent will be joining us in a little bit. staff December 1, 20127:13 pm

Our Dave Revsine noted the crowd cheered as Bill O’Brien was introduced on the BTN set, and O’Brien cracked, “That might be a sympathy cheer.” staff December 1, 20127:08 pm

Penn State’s Bill O’Brien up next on BTN. We’ll clip the interview and post as soon as possible. staff December 1, 20127:06 pm

1 hour, 13 minutes to go. Helmets on for warmups … staff December 1, 20126:49 pm

For Nebraska, Mark Pelini will get the start at center for the injured Justin Jackson.. staff December 1, 20126:44 pm

Here’s a pregame picture of Nebraska’s Taylor Martinez … taking a pregame picture. staff December 1, 20126:39 pm

Just a few guys having a casual game of catch … before the biggest game of their season so far. staff December 1, 20126:36 pm

Rex Burkhead looks intense… staff December 1, 20126:32 pm

1:47 to kickoff… staff December 1, 20126:29 pm

We’re doing double duty here tonight, too. If you haven’t checked out this season, give it a look. It tracks Big Ten trends on Twitter and spotlights tweets, photos and more. Good stuff. staff December 1, 20126:26 pm

It’s a bold look … staff December 1, 20125:39 pm

Cool shot today from the guys behind “The Journey 2012” Instagram account ( staff December 1, 20125:37 pm

In case you missed it earlier today, the crew form “#BTNLive” had a few guests on (video below). Don’t forget that our pre-game show starts at 6:30 p.m. ET. And they’ll be back after the game to cover it all, too. staff December 1, 201211:40 am

It’s late Saturday morning and we’re just getting thing set up for tonight. If you’re reading this now, hope you can join Tom and Brent tonight during the game. Here are few nuggets about tonight’s game, courtesy of Stats.

Nebraska leads this series, 4-3, all-time.

Nebraska has held its opponents to a 45.5 percent completion percentage this season, lowest in the FBS, though Wisconsin was one of only two teams to complete more than half of its passes against Nebraska this season, completing 53.6 percent of its passes.

Nebraska is one of nine FBS teams with two players with 800 or more rushing yards this season (Ameer Abdullah — 1071, Taylor Martinez — 833) and welcomed back its leading rusher from last season, Rex Burkhead, against Iowa last week. Martinez (107), Burkhead (86) and Abdullah (70) combined for 263 rushing yards on 41 carries against Wisconsin earlier this season

Wisconsin has committed 11 turnovers this season, tied for fewest in the Big Ten, while Nebraska has committed 29 turnovers, second most in the conference. However, Wisconsin has forced just 12 turnovers this season, tied for fifth fewest in the FBS.

The Badgers have lost their last two games and have not lost three consecutive games since October 2008. Four of Wisconsin’s five losses this season have come by a field goal, and its other loss was by a touchdown.

Montee Ball has rushed for at least 100 yards in six of his last seven games. Ball is seventh in the FBS in rushing yards this season (1528).


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Show Comments (25 Comments)
herman on 12/1/2012 @ 7:07pm EDT Said:

this game is for third place in the Big Ten! staff on 12/1/2012 @ 7:15pm EDT Said:

    Pretty nice trophy for “third place.”🙂

Shane. on 12/1/2012 @ 7:27pm EDT Said:

Play by the rules and its amazing what types of trophies your school might play for.

Joe W on 12/1/2012 @ 8:08pm EDT Said:

Wow is that an empty stadium.

Joe W on 12/1/2012 @ 8:13pm EDT Said:

Was John Simon booed?

Al on 12/1/2012 @ 10:34pm EDT Said:

What the heck is the score?

Jonathan on 12/1/2012 @ 11:04pm EDT Said:

So much for Nebraska destroying wisky. I’m not even a wisky fan, but I picked them to win based on their stats. Nebraskas defense is bad against the run, and that’s wisky’s main offensive weapon.

Joe W on 12/1/2012 @ 11:09pm EDT Said:

I bet Pelini makes the defense walk back to Lincoln.

Doug on 12/1/2012 @ 11:18pm EDT Said:

Yep Wisky blew NEB out last year in Madison, blew a 20 pt lead to them in Lincoln this year, and now they are totally blowing them out. Wis owns NEB plain and simple. hey herman, it’s for first place in the big ten and the rose bowl.

Doug on 12/1/2012 @ 11:49pm EDT Said:

Welcome to the Big Ten Nebraska

Ruben A. on 12/2/2012 @ 12:03am EDT Said:

So much for blackshirt defense? Go hawks.

aroznowski on 12/2/2012 @ 12:54am EDT Said:

Throughout the season, the Big Ten has been nationally mocked for its performance on the football field this season. I didn’t buy into in that garbage since the Big Ten had two or three teams in Ohio State, Nebraska, and Michigan that were among the top fifteen teams or so in the country. However, I have now had enough. Tonight was an embarrassment for the conference. I thought that Nebraska’s defense had really turned the corner in recent weeks and that Nebraska deserved its #12 ranking. I was wrong about that. Nebraska played some of the worst defense tonight that I have ever seen. That defense reminds me only of the defense that was played by Baylor and Washington in last season’s Alamo Bowl. It was as if they weren’t even trying. If the Cornhuskers had played undefeated Ohio State in the championship game instead of Wisconsin with a defense that awful, Braxton Miller and the Buckeyes would have scored way more than the 63 that they did against Nebraska during the regular season matchup in Columbus. The Buckeyes probably would have eclipsed 90 points. It’s such a shame that the Big Ten will be sending a team to the Rose Bowl that has five losses, finished third in its own division, is and probably will be unranked in the BCS standings, and owes a debt of thanks and gratitude to Columbus tattoo and car dealers and a serial child molester for creating domino effects that led to postseason ineligibility for its division rivals. Badger fans should be sending their roses to those individuals. I have seen Stanford multiple times this season. I watched them play Oregon and Notre Dame. If the Stanford Cardinal show up to play as I suspect that they will, this Rose Bowl could get ugly very quickly. Big Ten teams will be lucky to win one or two bowl games this season. The Rose Bowl between Stanford and Wisconsin has all the makings of the Oklahoma-Connecticut Fiesta Bowl from a few years ago. Michigan, Nebraska, and Northwestern will all likely have to face SEC teams. If one of those three teams win, the conference would be fortunate. Because Ohio State and Penn State are on probation, Michigan State, Minnesota, and Purdue will all be playing in bowl games that are two slots higher than usual. Going forward, the conference should consider altering its rule regarding division champions that are on probation. If a division champion is on probation, the highest-ranked team in the conference that is not on probation and that is not a division champion should replace that ineligible team. If that had been the case this season, two deserving and ranked teams, Nebraska and Michigan, would have played for the championship, and the matchup would not have made a mockery of the conference and its championship game. I don’t have a good feeling about my beloved conference going into bowl games this season. At least the Big Ten is dominant in sports like men’s basketball and women’s volleyball so there is something positive to be glad about.

Doug on 12/2/2012 @ 10:10am EDT Said:

aroz, it’s not Wisconsin’s fault like you said. The problem was all week NEB fans were talking smack and saying how they wish they could play OSU or PSU instead. Whoops. Michigan went 8-4 with their best win vs NW. Yikes. GA is gonna tear them apart. Don’t sleep on Wisconsin vs Stanford. Everyone thought Oregon was gonna tear them apart last year and it came down to the final seconds. Wisconsin was in every game this year. It’s gonna be a great Rose Bowl.

Doug on 12/2/2012 @ 10:13am EDT Said:

Also Aroz, you would have rather seen NEB vs Michigan? Are you crazy? Now if NEB would have won 70-34 I would have seen your point, but since it was the other way around, your point makes no sense. NEB got pounded by a 3rd place team. Michigan has beaten no one this year, why do they deserve anything?

aroznowski on 12/2/2012 @ 12:46pm EDT Said:

I most would have wanted to Nebraska vs. Ohio State since those were the two best teams in the conference during the regular season. However, since that couldn’t become a reality, I would have much rather seen one of the conference’s other top four teams, Michigan or Northwestern, play in the title game. Wisconsin’s win last night doesn’t take away the fact that they were the sixth-best team in the conference that lost five games and easily could have lost a couple more against teams like Northern Iowa and Utah State. Michigan and Northwestern had much stronger resumes and were far more deserving. As for the Rose Bowl matchup, I have seen Stanford play, and that team is the anti-Nebraska. Stanford boasts one of the top defenses in the country. Oregon was held to fourteen points. Notre Dame was held to twenty points. Wisconsin will be lucky to eclipse twenty points if Stanford’s defense comes to play. Stanford’s offense should be able to put up way more than twenty points. Stepfan Taylor is one of the top running backs in the country, and he will be going up against a defense that has had issues tackling and playing in big games over the last couple of years. If you saw Taylor Martinez’s first touchdown yesterday, you know what I mean. Kevin Hogan has shown that he is the real deal at quarterback, and Stanford has two or three of the top tight ends in the country that can burn a defense deep. Wisconsin scored 13, 14, and 21 points against Michigan State, Ohio State, and Penn State, respectively. Those are the three best defenses that the Badgers have faced, and Stanford’s defense is probably better than all of three of those. The bowl matchups that will be revealed tonight probably won’t be favorable in any way to the Big Ten.

Doug on 12/2/2012 @ 2:41pm EDT Said:

Well aroz, maybe NEB should have beaten Wis then, nobody wanted to see a rematch of NEB-M

aroznowski on 12/2/2012 @ 6:00pm EDT Said:

The fact of the matter is that Michigan and Northwestern deserved to play in that game more than Wisconsin. I’m not disputing the result. I watched that horrific game on FOX that embarrassed the conference with my own two eyes. Just look at records and resumes. Those leave little doubt that the team that won last night’s game didn’t even belong in that game in the first place. In my record book, the 2012 Big Ten championship will have an asterisk next to it since the team that won the championship game wasn’t even among the top five teams in the conference, let alone the top two teams in its own division. Even including that game in the resumes, it’s still hard to make a case that Wisconsin has been one of the five best teams in the conference this season when one evaluates results and body of work. To avoid something like this that nationally embarrasses the conference from ever happening again, the Big Ten needs to alter some of its guidelines. I was merely using Michigan as an example of what my proposed altered guidelines would have produced. I understand that you are a Michigan State homer. I hope that the Spartans have success too. However, either Michigan or Northwestern was the second-best Big Ten team not on probation at the end of the regular season. The way that the Big Ten set up its conference championship shafted two very deserving teams from having a chance to play for it on the field.

Doug on 12/2/2012 @ 10:23pm EDT Said:

All I know is everyone is saying Wis had no right to be there, maybe it was Neb who didn’t?

aroznowski on 12/2/2012 @ 11:54pm EDT Said:

Based on the game as it actually ended up being played, you may be right. However, when you look at how teams performed over the course of the season, especially the conference season, the order in which the teams not on probation actually deserved to play in that game was Nebraska, Michigan, Northwestern, Wisconsin, etc., in that order.

tee on 12/3/2012 @ 11:28pm EDT Said:

Why does everyone say Wisconsin didn’t deserve to be there? they knew before the season even started they were a lock for the game. everything they put on film was a set up for the game last night as you all saw. did you want them to forfeit instead of play? “Nah we don’t belong here, we’ll just stay home.” Complain about Nebraska embarrassing the B1G since they lost by 40 to a team the “5th best team in the B1G.” Complaing about Pryor and Tressel. Complain about Sandusky. Not Wisconsin’s fault. Badgers lost at oregon state by 3, michigan state, ohio state, and penn state in OT. and nebraska by 3 on the road with a freshman quarterback making his second start. Figure it out..

tee on 12/3/2012 @ 11:58pm EDT Said:

Aroz that’s completely irrational. Who did Northwestern beat? Who did Michigan beat? neither of them played Wisconsin and both lost to Nebraska. You’re saying Michigan’s 4 losses are less embarrassing that Wisconsin’s 5 losses? The B1G is just BAD. No kidding Ohio State is the best team, everyone in the country knows that but they couldn’t be there obviously. You have no valid argument

aroznowski on 12/4/2012 @ 1:13pm EDT Said:

Why don’t you take look at who Michigan actually lost to? The Wolverines lost to the top two teams in the country and the Big Ten’s two division champions. Only one of those two losses was a blowout. Their two big wins came against Michigan State and Northwestern. Why don’t you take a look at who Northwestern lost to? The Wildcats lost to the #16 team in the country, the #18 team in the country, and an 8-4 team that probably would be ranked if not for NCAA sanctions. All three of those losses were close, heartbreaking losses. Their three biggest wins came against Big East co-champion Syracuse, eight-win SEC team Vanderbilt, and Michigan State. Now who did Wisconsin lose to? The Badgers lost to the #13 team in the country, the #16 team in the country, and two teams that would probably be ranked if not for NCAA sanctions. However, they lost to a .500 team in Michigan State that both Michigan and Northwestern were able to beat. Their only significant win came against the #22 team in the country in a game that they definitely should have lost. Here are some more numbers. During the regular season, Michigan defeated five teams that are bowl-eligible or would have been bowl-eligible if not for NCAA sanctions. Northwestern beat four such teams. Wisconsin only beat three such teams. All of the losses by those three teams came against such teams. I don’t know what kind of skewed garbage you’re looking at. The numbers and resumes say it all. I encourage you to take a look at the three links below before you call my posts “completely irrational”.

tee on 12/4/2012 @ 1:40pm EDT Said:

Actually I’m just sorry that you wasted your life looking up all of those stats. You act like Michigan and Northwestern are head and shoulders above Wisconsin and Wisconsin being there was just an embarrassment. There is the slightest of difference between those three teams resumes! Wisconsin’s only bad loss was to Michigan State after their starting QB who was playing great broke his collarbone. Keep complaining, I’m sure eventually it will take away the blowout win in the B1G championship and 3 straight Rose Bowls lol.

aroznowski on 12/4/2012 @ 5:09pm EDT Said:

With such a weak comeback, you must be conceding. Obviously, the official record book will list Wisconsin as the 2012 Big Ten champion. I don’t dispute that fact and the result of the championship game. However, when someone looks at the 2012 standings years from now, I’m nearly certain that a big asterisk will come to mind. Most everyone with ties to the Big Ten knows deep down that the conference crowning its sixth-place team as champion is an absolute joke. Iowa finished sixth in 2011, Penn State finished sixth in 2010, Michigan State finished sixth in 2009, and Minnesota finished sixth in 2008. Maybe that will get your head out of the sand and give you some objective perspective. My argument all along has been that the Big Ten needs to fix the flaws that have recently been exposed regarding how the conference selects the two teams for its championship game. Those flaws are worse right now than whatever flaws have recently been exposed with the BCS. (Remember that the BCS didn’t choose Wisconsin. The Big Ten sent Wisconsin to the BCS. That all goes back to the conference.) This has gotten to the point where I just hope that Stanford puts an absolute beatdown on Wisconsin since that might be enough to get the attention of the conference’s administration so that they can correct this flaw going forward. Wisconsin might as well become the sacrificial lamb. Besides, who knows what will happen now with Bret Bielema supposedly off to Arkansas? In the end, teams are ultimately defined by their record. You can dispute the cut-and-dry resumes that I presented to you, but the fact that Michigan was 8-4 (6-2), Northwestern was 9-3 (5-3), and Wisconsin was 7-5 (4-4) is indisputable. You can keep trying to justify yourself all you want. Just be aware that what you have been saying has been digging a deeper and deeper hole.