Rounding up coverage of Maryland's move

On TV, you could watch our continuing live coverage of the news that Maryland will join the Big Ten Conference in 2014 (find BTN on your TV system here). Online, you could watch that same coverage via BTN2Go. Learn more about BTN2Go over here.

Joining the BTN TV show: Former Maryland and Ohio State men’s basketball coach Gary Williams, Mike DeCourcy of The Sporting News (@tsnmike), Michigan Athletic Director Dave Brandon (@DaveBrandonAD), and Penn State acting AD Dave Joyner.

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The University of Maryland’s press conference in College Park included remarks from University President Wallace D. Loh, University System of Maryland Chancellor Brit Kirwan, Maryland Director of Athletics Kevin Anderson and Big Ten Commissioner James E. Delany. 

Watch Chancellor William E. Kirwan opening statement:

The news came quickly this weekend and became official Monday when the university is announcing its move from the Atlantic Coast Conference. Read the full AP story here. Later, Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany told the Associated Press says the addition of Maryland to the conference was a response to the recent trend of college leagues expanding outside their traditional regions.

The Big Ten released these statements just before the press conference:

“Today is a watershed moment for the University of Maryland,” said university president Dr. Wallace D. Loh.  “Membership in the Big Ten Conference is in the strategic interest of the University of Maryland.  It will not only ensure the financial vitality of Maryland Athletics for decades to come, but the extensive opportunities in the CIC for collaborations with our peer AAU and flagship universities in education, research, and innovation will boost the University of Maryland’s ascendancy in academic excellence.”

 “The Big Ten Presidents and Chancellors are pleased to welcome the University of Maryland to the Big Ten Conference,” said COP/C Chair and University of Iowa President Sally Mason.  “The University of Maryland is one of the premier public research universities in the country and represents a natural alignment with our other member institutions.  Their top-ranked academic and athletic programs will be a tremendous addition to our conference.”’s Tom Dienhart takes a look at what this means competitively on the football field.

On a related note, here are the sports that Maryland competes in (learn more at

  • Men’s Sports: Baseball, Basketball, Football, Golf, Lacrosse, Soccer, Outdoor Track & Field, and Wrestling
  • Women’s Sports: Basketball, Cross Country, Field Hockey, Golf, Gymnastics, Lacrosse, Soccer, Softball, Tennis, Outdoor Track & Field, Indoor Track & Field, and Volleyball.

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Jay on 11/19/2012 @ 1:42pm EDT Said:

Maryland and Rutgers joining the Big Ten (or should I say the Big Midwest) is so stupid. Most folks are saying they went after these to schools because of the TV markets.

The Big Ten should had went after Missouri before they went to the SEC and should had gone after Louisville, Kentucky, Kansas or Kansas State. Why did they not go after these Midwestern Schools? They are much better fits than Maryland and Rutgers.

Roman Brutus on 11/19/2012 @ 2:01pm EDT Said:

You’re not very bright and this is why you are where you are and Delaney is where he is. It’s all about money, bigger footprint means bigger tv money. Not to mention both schools are AAU members.

Bob Kennedy on 11/19/2012 @ 3:12pm EDT Said:

Dr. Loh mentioned at the outset of his remarks that a number of sports…9 if I’m not mistaken…had to be sacrificed because of budget concerns. Now that Maryland is part of the Big 10, will those sports be reinstated, and if so, when?

Hue Myopic on 11/19/2012 @ 3:18pm EDT Said:

Maryland? Rutgers? joining the Big Ten … Do we REALLY need more teams in our conference that have RED uniforms?

Lisa on 11/19/2012 @ 3:22pm EDT Said:

As a Husker fan and one of the newest members of the B1G , I would like to say, Welcome Maryland Terps into the conference!

Mjgoodsman on 11/19/2012 @ 3:37pm EDT Said:

Congrats 2 U Maryland welcome to the Big Ten with your school we continue our Academic and Athletics excellence

Michael Minor on 11/19/2012 @ 5:06pm EDT Said:

Wow all I have to say is welcome to the Big Ten Maryland

Dirk Taylordean on 11/19/2012 @ 5:24pm EDT Said:

Terrible news for the Big Ten. More travel, more expense for minor sports, more unwieldy conference championships. Destruction of tradition. Splitting the revenue pie into more pieces.

Greed over tradition and academics.

Take a close look at what the conference plans to gain in the supposed eastern media market. It won’t be as much as you think- these schools have no fan base for football.

We like the Big 10 as the Big 10!! We do not want to be the Big East!

Delaney will go down in history as the man who destroyed the Big Ten, previously the oldest and best athletic conference in the country.

aroznowski on 11/19/2012 @ 9:51pm EDT Said:

If Rutgers joins the Big Ten as anticipated, the Big Ten should place a moratorium on expansion like the WCHA had for many years up until a few years ago. The conference shouldn’t have expanded past twelve in the first place, but it needs to be capped at fourteen for the health of the great history and tradition of the conference.

aroznowski on 11/19/2012 @ 10:01pm EDT Said:

Since the Big Ten had,, and eleven members for so long, I am still getting totally acclimated to having,, and Nebraska. When I look at, it is still a tad strange seeing the Nebraska “N” there with the other eleven logos. It absolutely doesn’t feel right imagining the Maryland “M” and Rutgers “R” up there as well. At least, the conference introduced new logos and branding last year so that the “old” membership can always resonate with the old logos and branding.

R Hirko on 11/20/2012 @ 1:58pm EDT Said:

Big Ten looking to embrace some easy wins for the rest of the conference… Suddenly Indiana won’t be a the bottom of the Big Ten in Football… nor Penn State in Basketball… snore… zzzzzzzzzzz

Annoyed Fan on 11/21/2012 @ 4:06am EDT Said:

It is absolutely disgusting that the big ten has spat on its tradition as a Midwestern conference. With the expansion to 14 teams, schools will no longer be able to compete on a yearly basis. Exchanging revenue for tradition and honor; what are we teaching our scholar athletes? Obviously, money is more important than the big ten brand and Midwestern values.