Clothes Call: Meet the Maryland Terps

Other than Oregon, few college teams have garnered more attention through uniforms than the Big Ten’s newest member. Maryland, an Under Armour school, isn’t afraid to push the envelope (like this or this), and much like the Ducks, it rarely sports the same look from one week to the next. Hop inside for a breakdown of the school’s many looks.

Here’s what Maryland has worn each Saturday this season:

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No doubt about it, Maryland loves its State Flag, and it isn’t shy about incorporating it on uniforms, headgear (example, another and another) or footwear. That goes for non-football sports, too, including the lacrosse team and the soccer team.

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Back to football, though: The combinations are plentiful, what with the team wearing five pants (white, black, red, White Ops, and Black Ops), five jerseys (red, white, Black Pride, White Ops and Black Ops) and five helmets (white, black, White Ops, Black Ops and Pride) this season. And the Terps haven’t busted out this helmet yet, among other things.

Anyone else get the feeling we can expect some epic Under Armour uniform showcases when Maryland plays Northwestern, another Under Armour team? Think this year’s adidas bowl between Wisconsin and Nebraska, but even bolder. Seriously, it’s anyone’s guess what Under Armour will come up with next.

Maryland mixes it up a lot on the hardwood, as well, although to a lesser extent. You didn’t miss this Brooklyn Dodgers alternate faux wool look, did you? Those were special threads for Maryland’s game vs. Kentucky earlier this month at the new Barclays Center in Brooklyn – here’s a gallery of Maryland’s hoops unis.

Let’s take a spin around the other Maryland athletic teams:

Yeah, it’s pretty clear Maryland will feed the uniform craze better than any Big Ten institution, and that’s a good thing.

Welcome, Maryland!

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Joe White on 11/19/2012 @ 2:19pm EDT Said:

I am thrilled beyond belief to be joining the Big Ten. As a Maryland grad, I am sick and tired of the North Carolina crowd running the ACC. If I hear one more mush-mouthed southerner tell us what’s good for the ACC, I’ll croak. I have wanted us out of the ACC since 1966.
The N. Carolina schools BEGGED Maryland to join back in 1953 because we were just coming off of a national championship in football, and they needed some credibility.

FuzzNorthernBadger on 11/30/2012 @ 10:47pm EDT Said:

Horrible unies. Looks like NASCAR. Incorporate the state flag into the block M and the four school colors without looking like a prom gone bad, then we’re talking. Great colors, great name and logo… just too trashy now. On Wisconsin.