Football Report: Big Ten QB to lead final drive

Here’s a hypothetical for Big Ten fans: Which Big Ten quarterback would you want leading your team on a final drive?’s Tom Dienhart and Brent Yarina discussed the topic a few weeks ago, and here were their answers. Plenty has changed since then, though, so we posed the question to our “Football Report” analysts Monday night. Watch their answers in this video.

Interestingly, neither Howard Griffith nor Chris Martin took Nebraska’s Taylor Martinez, the quarterback fresh off a third double-digit, second-half comeback in five Big Ten games.

Nope, Griffith’s answer came down to the system this hypothetical team runs.

“If you talk about spread, you’d be hard pressed not to take a guy like Braxton Miller or Denard Robinson,” Griffith said. “If you’re running a pro-style offense, Matt McGloin has been outstanding and unbelievable. So much of it depends on your style of offense.”

Fair enough. Martin, meanwhile, prefers the hot hand.

“You know, I might take Cam Coffman,” Matin said. “I’d put him in there. He’s a guy that’s heady, he’s making good decisions with the football. He doesn’t turn it over.”

Who do Big Ten fans pick? Cast your vote below.

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Devin tejral on 11/5/2012 @ 7:02pm EDT Said:

Lets not try to out think the room. Martinez is the only correct answer.

Anthony on 11/5/2012 @ 7:06pm EDT Said:

I have more trust in devin gardner leading the wolverines in the clutch than Denard because he can run and pass.

Alan on 11/6/2012 @ 12:24am EDT Said:

Anyone saying anything other than Braxton Miller is stupid. Guy is the best PLAYER in the conference, let alone the best QB….

His ability to run and throw make him the ideal QB for a 2 minute drill.

Again.. the ONLY correct answer in Braxton Miller.

Jim on 11/7/2012 @ 1:38pm EDT Said:

@alan….while I agree with you that Miller is the best player in the conference, I’m going to have to go with Martinez to lead a final drive The kid has another gear and ice in his veins it seems. Give me Miller on every other drive though.