DiNardo's Week 10 Sunday Ruminations

Every Sunday during the college football season, BTN analyst Gerry DiNardo hits Twitter to share his thoughts from the previous day’s slate of games. What did DiNardo have to say about Week 10 Big Ten action? Read all of his Sunday Ruminations in this post.

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bob jones on 11/4/2012 @ 2:17pm EDT Said:

Huge Husker fan, but the PI penalty at the end of the game should not have been called, they were just playing football. You can’t call that, you’ve got to let them play. Having said that, the Huskers had 3 PI penalties called on them and all 3 were very questionable. Unless pass interference is very clear cut and blatant, it should not be called. It seems like many officials just automatically throw the flag when the ball is up for grabs, Huskers had one called on them in the end zone against Michigan last week that was a ridiculously bad call. Really need to take a hard look at how pass interference is called, need to let the players play and let the game be decided on the field.

LukeinNE on 11/4/2012 @ 4:29pm EDT Said:

Agreed, Bob. If my memory recalls correctly, there were 5 pass interference flags thrown in the game, 4 on Nebraska, 1 on MSU. Of all of those, one on Nebraska was probably deserved and the rest were all crappy calls. That said, at least they were consistently overflagging that foul.