Football Report: Time to talk Big Ten Coach of the Year

Eight weeks in the books, the “Big Ten Football Report” guys decided to address the topic of Big Ten Coach of the Year on a special web-only video Monday.’s Tom Dienhart and Brent Yarina debated the topic a couple weeks ago, as well. There are a few worthy early candidates, from Urban Meyer to Bill O’Brien. But who are Howard Griffith and Chris Martin’s picks? Watch the video in this post to find out.

Both guys, it seems, favor a co-Coach of the Year this season.

Here’s what Martin said:

“Well, you can make a vote for Urban Meyer with the way Ohio State is playing. But then you also can make a vote for Billy O’Brien and how he’s held together Penn State, offensively, defensively and big picture, being the CEO of that program.”

And Griffith’s thoughts:

“How about Brady Hoke? I think this is another coach who’s really stepped up and done a great job coaching.

“And understand this: Another coach that might be doing a pretty good job: Bret Bielema.”

What do fans think? Cast your vote below:


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Gary A. Engberg on 10/22/2012 @ 7:53pm EDT Said:

Guys, With what Bret was left with losing many players to the pro’s and having 6 new coaches. Plus, he’s kept this team together when they could have folded. I’m not a big Bret fan, but he’s doing well. But, there’s a lot of season left. GE

aroznowski on 10/22/2012 @ 10:18pm EDT Said:

Right now, it is definitely Bill O’Brien. It really shouldn’t be much of a contest. The next two guys would probably have to be Urban Meyer and Pat Fitzgerald, but they are both way behind O’Brien. Find one other coach that has inherited the mess that O’Brien did and started the season 5-2 (3-0). Penn State is the second-best team in the Leaders Division behind Ohio State, and Bill O’Brien, his coaching staff, and his system have a lot to do with that. Just look at Matt McGloin. Before this season, he was a part-time starting quarterback that was extremely inconsistent and often seemed to lack confidence. He got playing time only because the other option, Robert Bolden, was even worse. After one half of a season in Bill O’Brien’s offense, Matt McGloin looks like one of the top three or four quarterbacks in the conference and deserves to be picked in the 2013 NFL Draft. Enough said.

Glenn on 11/28/2012 @ 4:15pm EDT Said:

Ridiculous award since it went to O’brien. Meyer should have won the award hands down. Take a sanctioned 6-7 team, no additional impact players, move your tight end to the tackle position and your starting fullback to the inside linebacker position and go undefeated. There should be no further discussion except the fact that everyone wants the feel good story of O’brien. He did a good job – that’s about it. He went 8-4, the same as the previous year. He lost two impact players to transfer – big deal, the remaining players at those positions were good and had experience. I knew it was going to O’Brien just by looking at the history of this award – 23 years since an OSU coach has won. Let’s see…Tressel goes undefeated in 2002 and wins the BCS National Championship but doesn’t win the conference award…..the whole thing is a joke.