Dienhart: 'I'm not sure if anyone can beat Ohio State'

Throughout Saturday’s Week 6 action, BTN.com senior writer Tom Dienhart offered his Snap Reactions to all the Big Ten games. See what Dienhart had to say about Ohio State’s impressive and prolific 63-38 victory over surging Nebraska in this post.

Ohio State 63, Nebraska 38
1. I’m not sure if anyone can beat Ohio State. After this effort, led by Braxton Miller and his 186 yards rushing, I’m beginning to wonder if the Buckeyes can be topped. Trips to Penn State and Wisconsin may be dicey. And the season-ending visit from Michigan could be. But, wow, this team looks untouchable right now.

2. How much better would this Ohio State attack be if Jordan Hall was healthy all season? Could it really be any better? Regardless, it’s fun to think about. Hall was the guy who was supposed to Urban Meyer’s version of “Percy Harvin” for the Buckeyes. As it is, Ohio State still is thriving with minimal contribution for Hall. Amazing for an offense that supposedly has “no playmakers” to help Miller.

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3. The Nebraska defense still has issues. Yes, the Husker defense looked good in three games after that 653-yard debacle at UCLA. But it all came undone at Ohio State. Can a team that allowed 63 points in one game and 653 yards in another REALLY win a league title? I don’t think so.

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D.L. on 10/7/2012 @ 12:15am EDT Said:

I’d keep an eye on Wisconsin — on the road and at night — and TTUN, if you’re looking for potential losses.

And Ohio State players are dropping like flies to injuries.

aroznowski on 10/7/2012 @ 12:19am EDT Said:

There are two things that I take away from today’s Big Ten football games.
1. In a matchup between the two best teams in the conference and the two teams that are likely to win their respective divisions, Ohio State showed that they are undoubtedly the best team in the conference, a top ten team in the country, and a team that has what it takes to compete for a national championship under Urban Meyer next season when the Buckeyes regain postseason eligibility.
2. It is realistic to think that the conference championship game could feature a team that finished third in its division. I would love to be NCAA president Mark Emmert for a day so that I could nullify all of the sanctions against Ohio State and Penn State so that the conference and its fans could have the legitimate Leaders Division race that it deserves.

MJQ on 10/7/2012 @ 12:47am EDT Said:

Alabama would take care of the Buckeyes, still need more playmakers at wide receiver and linebacker

TheMaizenBlue (@TheMaizenBlue) on 10/7/2012 @ 9:16am EDT Said:

Biggest problem for OSU is that teams can put points on the board. In the BT that doesn’t look to be a big problem for them until the play Michigan. By the end of the season I think Michigan’s defense will be the best in the BT.

Cynthia Heimerl on 10/7/2012 @ 10:06am EDT Said:

After a scary first quarter, this team finally woke up, showed up and scored. They played some good solid football and put some unanswered questions about a lack of offense to rest. The talent and potential is there and with each game it will come together more and more.

Doug on 10/7/2012 @ 10:21am EDT Said:

MSU was a missed FG away and/or a horrible call by a ref to nullify a TD from beating OSU, so yeah, they are beatable.

Doug on 10/7/2012 @ 12:10pm EDT Said:

wow, michigan beats an overrated purdue team and now they will run the table. man, michigan fans are fun, wait till Denard plays a good defense, and he’ll fold like usual.

Coven on 10/8/2012 @ 3:28pm EDT Said:

I totally agree with Doug on this one. UM is definitely overrated right now considering Denard can only through up big stats on crappy teams.

Jim on 10/9/2012 @ 3:56am EDT Said:

How does ANYONE consciously watch the film from the Ohio State vs Nebraska game and think Ohio State has any amazing plays without a critical hold. I understand in every football game, on every play, someone holds someone, but usually when it determines the outcome of a play it gets called. This was not at all the case in this game, and I’m sick of this being overlooked in games. Get a few self-conscious refs officiating one of Ohio State’s games and I guarantee they aren’t half as productive. Your teaching horrible life lessons by allowing linemen to cheat on every single play (literally, watch the film). Even the highlights they’re showing on The BTN Football Report, with the commentators glorifying OSU’s O-line, they focus on the pulling guards and ignore the 1-3 holds per play; they cant even get a non-holding play on the highlight reel. I am a fan of football, and this new age of O-line tactics that are somehow overlooked by “judges” <10 feet away makes a game extremely annoying to watch, and even more so when commentators talk like the play was flawless brilliance. No it was a crucial hold, real impressive.

Chad on 10/9/2012 @ 2:39pm EDT Said:

Jim, it sounds like you’re sipping on that Haterade. Every team does this. Every team gets away with this. You sound ridiculous.

Doug on 10/9/2012 @ 4:21pm EDT Said:

Chad good points, although it seems like teams with running QB’s (OSU, M, NEB) definitely get away with holding more often than teams with drop back passers because the refs are too busy watching the QB run instead of watching the lines for penalties.