Clothes Call: Piping or no piping, Michigan?

Michigan Uniform


We’re always interested in the latest fashion trends across the Big Ten, and it’s of particular interest every Saturday during the fall. On Saturday, one of our show producers noticed something rather interesting about Michigan’s uniform for its Big Ten opener at Purdue.

As you can tell from the picture above, some Wolverines’ jerseys include maize piping on the back and others do not. It must be a mistake or a personal-preference thing, because there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to who has the piping and who doesn’t.

For what it’s worth, the jersey looks better without the piping. Wouldn’t you agree after looking at Marvin Robinson (3) and Graham Glasgow’s (61) jerseys?

This is only a road jersey issue, if you were wondering, because Michigan doesn’t have piping on its home blues.

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Mike Altese on 10/8/2012 @ 9:04am EDT Said:

I think the piping on Toussaint’s jersey was actually above his name as well – so there is a 3rd option…

Steve Perryman on 10/8/2012 @ 10:32pm EDT Said:

The biggest reason for the issue is personal preference. The jerseys that have piping above the name are the new adidas techfit jerseys. The uniforms with the piping under the name are not the techfit jerseys. So players wear the jerseys that they feel most comfortable in. Marcus Robinson and everyone else in this photo are not wearing techfit jerseys. Why Robinson doesn’t have any piping on the back, I have an idea, but am not sure… I think the piping is there, but the nameplate is covering it up. Everyone has piping on the front of their jerseys, but not everyone has the piping on the back.

Another difference that you might notice is a small block M above the name plate on the techfit jerseys, while there is no block M on the other uniforms.

If you look at photos from last year, Michigan had the same issue with their road jerseys. The piping was inconsistent from jersey to jersey because of personnal preference. But last year it was even more distinguishable because the piping wasn’t even close to the same. Look at some pics. Specifically, David Molk wore the techfit jersey all year long while most of the team changed to the other option of uniform.