Another look: Iowa's throwback uniform vs. Iowa State

Iowa Uniform spotlighted the throwback uniform Iowa will wear for Saturday’s rivalry game against Iowa State back in June. With the game just days away, we have an updated photo of the uniform. And this one displays the entire collection, including a jersey with the mandatory “B1G” patch on the right chest and a helmet that reads “IOWA” where “Riddell” was in the earlier photo.

It’s always hard to comment on a uniform before seeing it on the players, but this could be a sharp look, as far as throwbacks go. The pants, the plain gold helmet and the gray facemask are nice touches.

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Gray facemasks always seem to add an old-school feel to helmets, and that’s good because this is a uniform that honors Iowa’s early history. In fact, it’s a tribute to the program’s 1921-22 back-to-back Big Ten championship teams that went a combined 14-0.

Watch the Iowa State-Iowa game at 3:42 p.m. ET Saturday on BTN/BTN2Go. We’ll also provide quarterly recaps from the game on our Iowa vs. Iowa State page.

And here’s another look at the helmet:

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Sherry on 9/5/2012 @ 11:07pm EDT Said:

Awesome lookl—Spells ‘First Class’ !!!! Grey facemasks are cool—the whole look is just prestigious!!!

Scott on 9/6/2012 @ 11:04am EDT Said:

We will rip ISU and look good doing it!!!!

Jo on 9/6/2012 @ 3:29pm EDT Said:

Don’t know if I’d call them prestigious, Sherry…the gold is a little dark….but I certainly agree with Scott….GO HAWKS! BEAT THE clones.

Stabmaster Arson on 9/7/2012 @ 3:21pm EDT Said:

Iowa State is going to thump the Prairie Chickens! ; )

Phil on 9/7/2012 @ 9:39pm EDT Said:

Yes it will be interesting to see them on the players on the field. The uniforms do have a rich look in this photo. The new spin on old gold maybe.

John on 9/7/2012 @ 9:39pm EDT Said:

The gold is a little darker beause the offical color of Iowa is Black and “Old Gold”, before it became black and yellows in the 80’s

Kim Suong on 9/8/2012 @ 6:32am EDT Said:

Black Tigerhawks on the helmet would be cool.

ISUJHWKR on 9/8/2012 @ 3:05pm EDT Said:

Iowa State will roll in this game, even though the Chicken Hawks are at home!

    Jo on 9/8/2012 @ 3:19pm EDT Said:


Stabmaster Arson on 9/8/2012 @ 6:52pm EDT Said:

Didn’t exactly roll but a win is a win. Better luck next game, Hawkeyes.