New tradition: 1st quick cals at Ohio State

As promised, Ohio State rolled out a new tradition called “Quick Cals.” What are those? At  works: 23 minutes before every home kickoff, in the south end zone, the Buckeye players will do fast, upbeat pregame exercises while facing the students. And the students can participate. Watch the video to see their first one this Saturday morning.

“We want to start a new tradition, to show the relationship between our student body, the best student body in America, and our football team,” Urban Meyer says in the video below instructing fans of the new plan.

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Barb Alexander on 9/4/2012 @ 9:19pm EDT Said:

I love the Quck Cals–trying to learn it so I can do it too! Looks like a great way to bring the students and athletes together at home games. Probably just good hand-eye coordination trianing too! Go Bucks!