BTN experts: MSU football practice tweets

1801334779001The BTN bus tour was on its second-to-last stop Wednesday, as the BTN crew took in Michigan State practice. Our guys, @BTNTomDienhart and @BTNDaveRevsine, live tweeted from practice, and @GerryDiNardo sent out his post-practice tweets – a feature he’s providing after all 12 stops across Big Ten country. See all the tweets in this post. And don’t forget to catch the debut of the Michigan State Preview Show at 10 p.m. ET Thursday.

[ Spartan Stadium scoreboards do not disappoint]

[ What Tom Dienhart learned at Michigan State practice]

Tom Dienhart

Dave Revsine

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Brandon on 8/22/2012 @ 5:28pm EDT Said:

How does this team compare to OSU?

Faygo on 8/23/2012 @ 6:33pm EDT Said:

They don’t, Brandon. They’re better.

Doug on 8/26/2012 @ 4:18pm EDT Said:

Faygo, if you mean MSU is better I totally agree.

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