Did You See This? Ohio State ketchup, Michigan Pop-Tarts

Did You See This? Ohio State ketchup, Michigan Pop-Tarts

When sports fans see something new and odd on the shelves of their local grocery store, it’s almost become tradition to take a picture of it and tweet it to ESPN Sports Business Reporter & Business Correspondent Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell). Rovell tweeted a couple of the latest Big Ten-related items he’s had sent his way Monday. One was a bottle of Ohio State ketchup, which happened to be on sale, and the other was Michigan branded Pop-Tarts.

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At $1.69 a bottle and just in time for tailgate season, try and beat this deal:

And for the Pop-Tarts, which are limited edition and will hit shelves next month, Kellogg’s is branding a handful of popular programs’ logos (Arkansas, Florida, Georgia & North Carolina) on its breakfast treat. Here’s a look at Michigan’s:

Michigan Pop Tarts


Mmmmm, what could possibly make artificial goodness tastier than more artificial goodness? Hope Michigan fans don’t mind biting in and seeing red strawberry filling. Perhaps blueberry would have been the better flavor.

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