Five Big Ten Teams Land in AP Preseason Top 25

Michigan is ranked No. 8 and is one of five Big Ten teams in the AP Top 25 poll released Saturday morning. The Big Ten added Wisconsin (No. 12), Michigan State (No. 13), Nebraska (No. 17) and Ohio State (No. 18). The Buckeyes, in their first season under coach Urban Meyer, are banned for the postseason this season because of NCAA sanctions.

Here’s the list of AP voters in case you’re curious. Go ahead and compare the AP poll to the Coaches Poll that came out earlier this month. What do you think? Sound off to senior writer Tom Dienhart via his football mailbag. Dienhart is on the BTN Football Tour now and visiting every Big Ten training camp. See the full poll in this post.

AP Rankings
Rankings as of 8/18/2012
Rank School  Votes Prev Rank
1 Southern Cal  1445 NR
2 Alabama  1411 NR
3 LSU  1402 NR
4 Oklahoma  1286 NR
5 Oregon  1274 NR
6 Georgia  1107 NR
7 Florida State  1093 NR
8 Michigan  1000 NR
9 South Carolina  994 NR
10 Arkansas  963 NR
11 West Virginia  856 NR
12 Wisconsin  838 NR
13 Michigan State  742 NR
14 Clemson  615 NR
15 Texas  569 NR
16 Virginia Tech  548 NR
17 Nebraska  485 NR
18 Ohio State  474 NR
19 Oklahoma State  430 NR
20 TCU  397 NR
21 Stanford  383 NR
22 Kansas State  300 NR
23 Florida  214 NR
24 Boise State  212 NR
25 Louisville  105 NR

Others receiving votes: Notre Dame 83, Washington 55, Auburn 53, UNC 32, Utah 30, Georgia Tech 25, Brigham Young 22, Tennessee 15, SOUFLA 11, Baylor 9, Texas A&M 5, UCF 4, Missouri 3, NCSTATE 3, Cincinnati 3, Houston 1, Louisiana Tech 1, Mississippi State 1, Northern Illinois 1.

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aroznowski on 8/18/2012 @ 8:43pm EDT Said:

There is little to disagree with here. The Big Ten has five teams at the top of the conference that are all pretty even but not quite national championship contenders in Michigan, Michigan State, Nebraska, Ohio State, and Wisconsin. Those teams are generally ranked in the middle of the poll where they belong. Of those five teams, the Wolverines have the most returning talent from last season, and thus it makes sense that they are the highest-ranked Big Ten team at this point in time. The Big Ten Conference is going to be all about parity this season. The conference championship race is as wide open as it has been in recent history. The start of the season simply can’t come soon enough.

Jonathan on 8/19/2012 @ 10:20am EDT Said:

In my opinion, being underrated might actually play into MSU’s favor. Often when a team is ranked high in preseason polls, they go on to prove why hey shouldn’t have been ranked that high (2010-2011 basketball team, ranked #1 to begin, then went on to finish 19-15). However, when a team is ranked lower, they often go on to prove the voters wrong (2011-2012 basketball team, unranked at the beginning of the season, went on to tie as conference champs, win the tourney, and get a one seed in the NCAA tourney). While my examples are both basketball, they prove my point quite well. An underrated team is just that: underrated, and they go on to prove that they are underrated.