Could Trey Burke, Cody Zeller be on 2016 Team USA?

Could Trey Burke, Cody Zeller be on 2016 Team USA?

Indiana’s Cody Zeller and Michigan’s Trey Burke shared last season’s Big Ten Freshman of the Year. Could they share a court in the 2016 Olympics? That’s what’s Jeff Goodman predicts. With rumors that Olympic basketball will go with players 23-and-under beginning in 2016, Goodman compiled his Team USA roster, and the starting 5 included the current Indiana and Michigan stars.

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Cody Zeller

Burke and Zeller are joined in the starting lineup by high school star Jabari Parker, former Kentucky standout and 2012 No. 1 pick Anthony Davis and current UCLA freshman Shabazz Muhammad. See the entire roster.

Not a bad roster, knowing what we know now. But all of this is highly speculative and way too early to take very seriously. A lot can change before next basketball season, let alone before 2016. Still, it’s cool to see two of the Big Ten’s top players getting respect like this.

Here’s a question, Big Ten fans: Between Burke and Zeller, who is more likely to make this a reality? Assuming, of course, they implement the rule that only players 23-and-under are eligible.

I’ll go with Zeller. Size is something you can’t teach, especially when it comes with the athleticism and speed Zeller possesses.

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