Penn State Links: National Voices Sound Off

Mark Emmert and the NCAA came down hard on Penn State on Monday. The penalties were as severe as we’ve ever seen in college athletics, ranging from a $60 million fine to a four-year postseason ban. Read the AP story on all of the NCAA sanctions. As expected, the national media had much to say about the penalties and what they mean for the future of Penn State football. You can find a collection of reaction stories in this post.

[ Penn State football family reacts to sanctions on Twitter]

[VIDEO: Watch all of's Penn State video segments]









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Bonnie Dellinger on 7/23/2012 @ 12:12pm EDT Said:

What they are sanctioning Penn State with is a travesty! Shame on you NCAA! I’m a Buckeye but I think this is so unfair to the kids that are there. This happened so many years ago when these kids there now were babies. You have definitely gone overboard this time. What the football team accomplished has nothing to do with what went down. Noone is even remembering all the good that Joe Paterno did for that school. There needs to be accountability, but it shouldn’t punish these innocent kids! $60,000,000 is over the top, and to take away all of the teams wins, which were deserved, is so wrong! Once again, SHAMEON YOU NCAA!

Josh on 7/23/2012 @ 1:26pm EDT Said:

I’m just going to quote what Desmond Howard said and leave it at that…

“The one point that people continue to make, that really leaves a bad taste in my mouth is about the players and how the players shouldn’t have to pay the price for what happened.. as if they don’t have a choice.

“You know, you read some tweets and some messages and people say, ‘Hey, remember the victims.’ Well, I challenge you to remember the victims, but THINK about the victims, and think about how they were victimized. Think about what they had to go through when this burly coach was victimizing them. Add some substance to that symbolism and they didn’t have a choice. Those damn victims didn’t have a choice. Why? Because of the culture at Penn State University, particularly in the football department.

“Now these football players today, who are at Penn State, they have a choice. If you grew up loving Penn State Nittany Lions football and you always wanted to play for Penn State, guess what? You can stay, and you can represent Penn State and wear that uniform proudly AND you will have a chance to earn a degree from Penn State University.

“BUT, if you like to play in the postseason and all of the luxuries that come along with that sort of opportunity, then you can transfer out TODAY and go to another university and live out those dreams. The players today have a choice. The damned victims didn’t.”

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