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BTN aired “Penn State Special Report,” an hour-long show dedicated to the Freeh Report findings Friday night. Dave Revsine hosted the special alongside Gerry DiNardo and Howard Griffith. The crew offered its thoughts on the findings, and Penn State professor Malcolm Moran, the inaugural Knight Chair in Sports Journalism and Society, Andy Staples and Pat Forde joined the show. Watch all of our “Penn State Special Report” videos in this post. Plus, read Tom Dienhart’s column, catch up on all the AP stories and read the complete Freeh Report.

[AP: Legal experts say Paterno could have faced charges]

[AP: NCAA looking for answers from Penn State]







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r.winkleman on 7/13/2012 @ 10:41pm EDT Said:

Can you be anymore “jump ship” of PSU???? Take down Joe Pas Statue???? Are you >>>>>>> kidding me???? That man DID NOT hurt any of those boys….Granted he was a busy man and may not have taken the time to research every issue placed before him, especially when he “trusted” the jerk who was at fault, but when Pres. Nixon was impeached we did not teardown the whitehouse to help people to forget…. As a matter of fact Nixon was not even wiped from all records, ask Pete Rose….This sports crap is becoming tooooo large FOR LIFE. Sandusky is a child molestor, not Joe Pa. His legacy should not be ruined because of one stinking lousy individual….Go ahead jump ship, just to try and save face. By the way, why didn’t these young men speak up when it was happening?????How did it get this far, to ruin a university and a great man….?????

Dave on 7/14/2012 @ 10:16am EDT Said:

How can Forde say this isn’t within NCAA bylaws to sanction PSU? Besides the obvious criminal aspects, this is an issue about the culture of the football program. The negligence of the senior leaders included the head of the football program, who was also the most powerful member on that campus. This IS a football issue, and the program allowed a former coach to molest in football facilities, using his football background to lure young kids. Wake up idiots.

Bill Hamilton on 7/14/2012 @ 1:30pm EDT Said:

Ultimately, everything comes down to perception, whether we like that or not. What happens with the future of the football program is the biggest question now and who makes that decision. I believe Penn State leaders, students, faculty and staff must decided what football means to their university and the student experience going forward. If continuing to have the football program, and its current perception by the rest of the world, is not worth it for them, then shut it down. The university is much bigger than the football program. In that same line of thought though, the football program is much bigger than Joe Paterno, former coaches, the athletic director or the university president as individuals. The hundreds of thousands of loyal fans and boosters had nothing to do with this problem. The hundreds of student athletes, including current and future players as well as other sports’ student athletes, who rely on the revenue of the football program for their scholarships, also had nothing to do with this problem. Let’s be careful whom we penalize and for what reason and who will make that decision. I don’t think it should be the NCAA, but the silent majority of the Penn State campus.

Cody Johnson on 7/14/2012 @ 1:45pm EDT Said:

Pen State = most hated, reviled school in the country – ever.

Death penalty is warrented.

Black & Gold forever on 7/15/2012 @ 9:09pm EDT Said:

Obviously a cover up.What else did Paterno cover up in his years at PSU?….recruiting violations, player discipline, etc. If the NCAA or Big Ten steps in, will they dig deep and uncover all that has happend under Paterno’s watch. If they turned a blind eye to this, they wouldn’t blink about covering up NCAA violations.

Black & Gold forever on 7/15/2012 @ 9:13pm EDT Said:

If PSU turned a blind eye to this… What else have they covered up at PSU?

wm f wright on 7/16/2012 @ 7:02pm EDT Said:

The best solution for all interests (including the many innocent parties connected with the football program) and to temper the craziness in Happy Valley is, for the next two years (with the possible exception of Homecoming), make every game an away game. It would be a strong penalty and yet would continue the program.