The inspiration behind NU's new football uniforms

We’re getting closer and closer to the release of the Northwestern football team’s new uniforms. On Monday, Northwestern athletics posted a fascinating video on its YouTube page (NUAthletics) that explains what inspired the designers as they created the school’s new look across all 19 sports. Watch the video in this post.

Two things were of most interest from the feature: 1.) the phrase “Reclaim the Stripe,” which refers to putting stripes back on the sleeves of the uniform (think this, not this); and 2.) the idea of incorporating ivy into the school’s new look.

The former will be a nice touch to the past, while the latter, as cool as it could turn out, sounds a bit risky. There are many ways it can be incorporated, but I hope it’s more in the subtle mold of, say, Wisconsin’s Rose Bowl helmet than TCU’s frog-skinned helmet.

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Stephen on 7/3/2012 @ 9:57am EDT Said:

OK after viewing the video I’m interested, excited AND I am kind of scared. I really love Northwester’s uniforms.
Change for the sake of change is not the answer. I recall the cats football team wore an alternative uniform last year for a home game. Silver helmets with purple numbers. I was not impressed. And they didn’t win. Perhaps a win would have inspired a a like for that uniform? But I don’t think so. All I can say is, NU, please don’t mess it up?