What if there was playoff last 6 years?’s Matt Hinton is a playoff advocate, so he must have been thrilled with Tuesday’s news that a four-team playoff is official. If his latest work is any indication, he can’t wait for the 2014 field to be determined. Curiously wondering what the playoff would have looked like in recent years, Hinton recently scribed a post that includes the playoff bracket for each of the past six seasons.

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It’s a good thing Hinton goes back six seasons, because the 2006 campaign was the one where Ohio State and Michigan dominated, to the point that some argued the two heated rivals should meet in the BCS national title game — even though they played in the season finale.

Let’s focus on that memorable 2006 season. Here’s Hinton’s bracket:

1. Ohio State
4. USC

3. Michigan

Looks good, huh? Florida, of course, beat Ohio State in the title game that season, but who wouldn’t want to watch these two semifinal games? You can say the same for pretty much every other season after it, too.Yes, even 2009, which includes perennial powers Alabama and Texas and non-traditional powers TCU and Cincinnati.

But let’s attack all of this from a Big Ten perspective. Using Hinton’s brackets, four Big Ten teams would have competed in the last six playoffs, two of which came in the aforementioned 2006 season. The other Big Ten playoff teams: 2007 Ohio State, a No. 1 seed, and 2010 Wisconsin, a No. 4 seed.

Add it all up, and that’s a Big Ten playoff team in only three of the last six seasons. Not the best situation if you’re Jim Delany or a Big Ten fan. At least the Big Ten did account for two No. 1 seeds, both Ohio State, during the last six seasons.

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Josh K. on 6/27/2012 @ 5:47pm EDT Said:

2008, Penn State went 2-0 with USC’s common opponents, (Ohio State and Oregon State). USC lost to Oregon State, of course. PSU killed Oregon State, a team that almost won the Pac10.

PSU also beat Ohio State and Michigan State who were ranked in the BCS poll.
What ranked teams did USC beat (end of season rankings).

PSU’s one loss came on the road to rival Iowa. An Iowa team that I think won 6 of the last 7 games of the season, including a bowl win over SEC’s South Carolina.

The B1G sent 2 teams to the BCS, which didn’t help the bowl record, but with the Pac10 going 5-0 (against who?), that Oregon State win looks even better. OSU barely losing to Texas hurts my argument. But the Big12 was weak, with 2 of the top 3 losing their bowl games.

I like Penn State against anybody, Utah, Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama in 2008. That was a great team! If Justin King hadn’t gone to the NFL a year early, I think they would’ve beaten USC as well.

The BCS rankings were BS. A selection committee would have been able to see through the complete lack of defense in the Big12 (except maybe Texas).

1. Oklahoma
4. USC

2. Florida
3. Penn State


1. Oklahoma
4. Penn State

2. Florida
3. USC or Texas

Now, if Nebraska had joined the B1G back then, and PSU had a CCG against a ranked Nebraska or a potential rematch with IOWA anyone? A 12-1 PSU team who goes 1-1 against the only team it lost to?