NCAA releases academic progress rate (APR) scores

The NCAA released its latest academic progress rate (APR) scores Wednesday, and the Big Ten received favorable results. Not only did all 12 Big Ten football and men’s basketball teams avoid penalty, Northwestern football compiled the highest score in the FBS. See how Big Ten football and men’s hoops teams did in this post.

For a point of reference, any score of 930 or below results in penalty, ranging from scholarship reductions to a postseason ban.

Northwestern: 995
Ohio State: 988
Wisconsin: 975
Penn State: 971
Nebraska: 966
Indiana: 964
Purdue: 950
Illinois: 953
Iowa: 949
Michigan State: 943
Michigan: 943
Minnesota: 932

[ View every team, sport’s academic progress rate]

Michigan: 1000
Purdue: 995
Northwestern: 984
Michigan State: 981
Penn State: 980
Wisconsin: 965
Ohio State: 962
Minnesota: 954
Illinois: 952
Indiana: 952
Iowa: 947
Nebraska: 945


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aroznowski on 6/20/2012 @ 4:20pm EDT Said:

This just goes to show that the Big Ten Conference is the best collegiate conference in the country. There is no other conference in the country that has as great of a balance between athletic success and academic success as the Big Ten. The SEC is strong athletically but weak academically. The Ivy League is weak athletically but strong academically. The Big Ten Conference is among the best both athletically and academically.

bob gutkowski on 2/23/2014 @ 1:34pm EDT Said:

bob gutkowski….would like to find out what the APR is for Big Ten newcomers,Rutgers and Maryland.Mr.Aroznowski is spot on.the SEC is one huge joke re academics.he is being much too nice.basket weaving 101 and scrimshaw 202 should be part of the the TV ratings.having been in media myself,check out the ADI ,area of dominant influence.well both schools aforementione are at or near the top. the Big Ten is the best balanced.