NCAA Football 13 really likes Wisconsin

If the makers of NCAA Football 13 are right, the Wisconsin Badgers are in store for a memorable 2012 season. In fact, they might as well design the Big Ten championship shirts and print the Rose Bowl tickets now. If you’re curious why, it’s because select player and team ratings for the video game have been leaked, and the two-time reigning Big Ten champs earned an overall 99 rating. The only other teams to earn the max rating: LSU, Oregon, Texas and USC.

[Bucky’ Wisconsin will really good next year, according to video game]

What does this mean? Not much at all, of course. The games aren’t played from the couch or on the TV, but it’s still interesting to see how highly the makers of the popular video game view the Badgers.

The fact Wisconsin is rated highly on offense is no big surprise, what with the unit’s recent success and the return of Heisman finalist RB Montee Ball, who earned a 98 rating, by the way. But the defense’s lofty rating does come as a surprise. Again, none of this means a thing. It’s just something to help us pass the time before the season kicks off.

NCAA Football 13 hits the shelves July 10, if you’re interested.

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aroznowski on 6/7/2012 @ 7:52pm EDT Said:

What is EA Sports smoking!? I can tell you as a longtime Big Ten fan that there is not a single Big Ten team that is currently as good as or better than LSU, Oregon, USC, Alabama, Arkansas, West Virginia, etc. (Texas is a bit of a stretch.) No Big Ten team deserves a rating of 99, especially one that has lost its offensive coordinator, starting quarterback, starting offensive linemen, above average wide receiver, and average, experienced defensive backs. The Big Ten has not had an elite team since 2006 and 2007 Ohio State and 2006 Michigan and probably will not have one this season. The 2012 Big Ten championship race is wide open. There are at least five teams (Michigan, Michigan State, Nebraska, Penn State, and Wisconsin) that could legitimately get to and win in Indianapolis and another couple of teams (Illinois and Purdue) that could really surprise this season.