Did You See This? Hoosier Rally Caps

Indiana trailed Purdue 3-0 heading into the ninth on Friday night in the Big Ten Baseball Tournament, which meant it was time for the Hoosiers to follow baseball tradition and don the rally caps. That usually means players on the team that trails turn their hats inside out or turn them brim up so that they resemble a shark fin. But this Hoosier took it upon himself to not only wear multiple caps but also a snappy pair of glasses. It didn’t help this time as Indiana fell 3-0 to Purdue, but the Hoosiers get another chance to play Saturday.


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S Kube on 5/25/2012 @ 10:35pm EDT Said:

Why is this worthy of a story mention? The OSU players w/ the sideways rally caps on Thurs nite were much more interesting than this. Seems like BTN is desparate to give IU story time.

    BTN.com staff on 5/25/2012 @ 10:38pm EDT Said:

    No, not really. We were amused by the stacking of the caps and the silly glasses. Has nothing to do with giving one team more “story time” than another. We had the video and wanted to share. We’ll keep our eyes peeled for Ohio State’s hats next time. Thanks for the comment.

dp on 5/25/2012 @ 11:55pm EDT Said:

I agree with Kube the lead in when the pairings were announced wasn’t about Purdue bir 10 champs , #1 seed, national ranking …no it was about 2 freshman from iu, if you wanted to talk about freshman how about michigan State’s or Ohio state’s both of tose teams have some pretty good freshman…seems like Big 10 network is run by interns from iu’s journalism school

    BTN.com staff on 5/26/2012 @ 12:03am EDT Said:

    Actually, there are graduates from a variety of Big Tens schools here as well as a number of others who graduated from other schools. Thanks for the comment and we hope you enjoy the Saturday games.