Your All-Big Ten outdoor track & field teams

The Big Ten Conference office announced on Tuesday the 2012 All-Big Ten men’s and women’s outdoor track and field teams and individual award winners. See all of the teams and superlative winners in this post.

Track Athlete of the Year: Christina Manning, Ohio State
Field Athlete of the Year: Alexis Thomas, Ohio State
Track Athlete of the Championships: Ashley Spencer, Illinois
Field Athlete of the Championships: Alexis Thomas, Ohio State
Freshman of the Year: Ashley Spencer, Illinois
Coach of the Year: Karen Dennis, Ohio State

Ryisha Boyd, Illinois
Latoya Griffith, Illinois
Ashley Kelly, Illinois
Stephanie Richartz, Illinois
Ashley Spencer, Illinois
McKenzie Melander, Iowa
Erin Pendleton, Michigan
Leah O’Connor, Michigan State
Marusa Cernjul, Nebraska
Ashley Miller, Nebraska
Anna Weigandt, Nebraska
Aisha Cavin, Ohio State
Christienne Linton, Ohio State
Christina Manning, Ohio State
Chesna Sykes, Ohio State
Alexis Thomas, Ohio State
Laura Loht, Penn State
Kara Millhouse, Penn State
Dani Bunch, Purdue
Leah Eber, Purdue
Jessica Flax, Wisconsin

Breeana Coleman, Illinois
Jesica Ejesieme, Illinois
Kayla Smith, Illinois
Jordan Gray, Indiana
Monique Riddick, Indiana
Betsy Flood, Iowa
Ashley Liverpool, Iowa
Alexandra Leptich, Michigan
Emily Pendleton, Michigan
Jillian Smith, Michigan
Kiley Tobel, Michigan
Rebecca Buchholtz, Michigan State
Todea-Kay Willis, Minnesota
Mara Griva, Nebraska
Madison McNary, Ohio State
Doris Anyanwu, Penn State
Ijeoma Iheoma, Penn State
Lauren Kenney, Penn State
Melissa Kurzdorfer, Penn State
Dynasty McGee, Penn State
Kirsten Nieuwendam, Penn State
Dorcas Akinniyi, Wisconsin

Ashley Kelly, Illinois
Emma Kimoto, Indiana
Betsy Flood, Iowa
Emily Pendleton, Michigan
Rebekah Smeltzer, Michigan State
Chimerem Okoroji, Minnesota
Breanna Bussel, Nebraska
Maggie Mullen, Ohio State
Doris Anyanwu, Penn State
Leah Eber, Purdue
Megan Beers, Wisconsin

Track Athlete of the Year: Andrew Riley, Illinois
Field Athlete of the Year: Joe Kovacs, Penn State
Track Athlete of the Championships: Andrew Riley, Illinois
Field Athlete of the Championships: Derek Drouin, Indiana
Freshman of the Year: Robby Creese, Penn State
Coach of the Year*: Ed Nuttycombe, Wisconsin
*Unanimous Selection

Jade Ackerman, Illinois
Stanley Azie, Illinois
Andrew Riley, Illinois
Brandon Stryganek, Illinois
Andrew Bayer, Indiana
Kind Butler, Indiana
Derek Drouin, Indiana
Zachary Mayhew, Indiana
Matt Byers, Iowa
Troy Doris, Iowa
Craig Forys, Michigan
Jack Greenlee, Michigan
Quentin Mege, Minnesota
Bjorn Barrefors, Nebraska
Miles Ukaoma, Nebraska
Mike Hartfield, Ohio State
Brandon Bennett-Green, Penn State
Brady Gehret, Penn State
Joe Kovacs, Penn State
Casimir Loxsom, Penn State
Aaron Nadolsky, Penn State
Mohammed Ahmed, Wisconsin
Danny Block, Wisconsin

Darius King, Indiana
Nick Stoner, Indiana
Tyler Sult, Indiana
Chris Vaughn, Indiana
Ethan Holmes, Iowa
Ali Arastu, Michigan
Ethan Dennis, Michigan
Hassan Mead, Minnesota
David Pachuta, Minnesota
Jack Szmanda, Minnesota
Chris Phipps, Nebraska
Luke Pinkelman, Nebraska
Chad Wright, Nebraska
Cory Leslie, Ohio State
Brady Hammon, Wisconsin
Kyle Jefferson, Wisconsin
Japheth Cato, Wisconsin
Elliot Krause, Wisconsin
Garret Payne, Wisconsin
Drew Simmons, Wisconsin
Derek Steinbach, Wisconsin

Corey Hammon, Illinois
Tyler Sult, Indiana
Jeff Herron, Iowa
Nick Neuman, Michigan
Jay Gillespie, Michigan State
Sam Kettenhofen, Minnesota
Tim Thompson, Nebraska
Matt DeChant, Ohio State
Logan Caldwell, Penn State
Josh Lee, Purdue
Kyle Jefferson, Wisconsin

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sbuel2 on 12/9/2012 @ 5:37pm EDT Said:

Indoor track and field is starting soon, inter squad matches this weekend.

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