Look! More Big Ten Pets! Now Add Yours!

Here’s another batch of Big Ten pets for our Big Ten Pets Hall of Fame. Do you have a picture of your adorable pet in Big Ten gear that we can add to our Big Ten Pets section? Submit your photo to us. Find out how right here. It’s easy, free and fun.

So far we’ve had some great shots, including a greyhound in a fancy Michigan dress.  How do you submit a  photo of your Big Ten pet? Here’s how:

Have a look at what’s come in on Twitter lately:

Now have a look at what’s come in over the past few days via Facebook.

Sherri Dykhouse-Teets: Scrappy & Daphne are the biggest GO BLUE fans!

Sheri Schultz: Rudy!!!

Holly See: Brutus loves his Hoosiers!

Derek Wustman: Here’s Woodson, distant cousin of Charles of course!

Nick Little: Reggie the English Bulldog bleeds green.

Karen Wente Meyer: Go Hoosiers!!

Sara Runde: Bo is a big Wisconsin fan :)

Karen Wente Meyer: Sadie likes the HOOSIERS!

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