B1G Football Uniform Bracket champ: Michigan

The NCAA men’s basketball championship game is Monday night, but here at BTN.com, our fans already have crowned the 2012 Big Ten Football Uniform Bracket champion. And the winner is Michigan, the top seed in the field. The Wolverines toppled No. 5 Iowa in the title matchup. See the final tally for the championship tilt in this post and check out all of the tournament’s matchups: Finals | Semis | Quarters | First round.

Michigan's Fitzgerald Toussaint

Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE

Biggest upset: No. 10 Illinois over No. 3 Ohio State, Round 1 – I determined the seeds, which could mean I like the Ohio State uniform more than most, but this result shocked me. Something tells me the Michigan fans played a role in this somehow, someway.

Surprise team: While No. 5 Iowa made an unexpected run to the championship matchup, the most surprising run has to go to No. 9 Purdue, which lost to Iowa in the semifinals. I fully expected fans to vote Nebraska over Purdue in the opening round. Didn’t happen. And the Boilers went on to beat upset-minded Illinois in the quarterfinals, too.

Overwhelming conclusion: No uniform in the Big Ten is more polarizing than Penn State’s iconic duds. People either love them, praising the rarely touched classic look, or hate them, calling them junior high uniforms. Seeing as how Penn State was the No. 2 seed, I subscribe to the former. It’s a simple look, yes, but it always looks great. Throw in a sunny fall day at Beaver Stadium, and, for whatever reason, these simple uniforms look even better.

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Eric on 4/2/2012 @ 1:16pm EDT Said:

There is nothing like Michigan tradition! Most wins in college football, 11 national championships, 42 B1G championships, winning record over every conference… And the winged helmet. HAIL!

finster on 5/19/2013 @ 6:11pm EDT Said:

The meat chickens unis are ugly and their team has sucked since 1918 when they used to have 30 year olds play for them. OVERRATED.

Mark on 5/28/2013 @ 10:32am EDT Said:

Michigan rests so much on its laurels. Having attended both U-M and another Big Ten school, and having visited 8 of the 12 on game day, I’ve always been surprised at how lackluster (yes, I said it) the U-M fans are. It may be Great to Be a Michigan Wolverine, but where it counts is game day, where all of the traditions go out the window and all that matters is the here and now. The past won’t win future championships, and only one of those 11 national championships (a split decision) was in the past 65 (!!) years, back in the days where there weren’t nearly as many teams to play against.

Over that same 65 year span, 5 other current B10 schools have won championships: OSU (2 and 2 split), PSU (2), MSU (1 and 1 split), Nebraska (3 and 2 split) and Minnesota(!!) (1).

U-M, stop living in the past and build on your future, or college football will keep regarding your traditions as ancient.