Best of Gus: Purdue at Illinois

Just as we did during 2010-2011 hoops season, we’re archiving Gus Johnson’s greatest calls this season. Johnson is calling men’s basketball for BTN all winter long. We clip and post his best calls and archive them here during games, so bookmark the page and come back all season right up through the Big Ten tourney. Right now, watch Johnson’s call on one of D.J. Byrd’s three 3-pointers and get all of the annonuncer’s best calls from Wednesday night’s Purdue-Illinois game in this post.

Johnson: “Watch Bertrand jump to the heavens!”

Johnson: “Quick trigger! Pure!”

Johnson: “Fresh Prince!”

Johnson: “And 1! And 1!”


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john on 2/15/2012 @ 10:48pm EDT Said:

gus johnson and shon morris were ridiculous. I don’t remember two announcers clearly being for a team on btn. Their bias for Illinois was non-stop. Had to turn off the volume and listen to the radio broadcast.

Rich on 2/15/2012 @ 11:00pm EDT Said:

Did you realize that the refs got the call wrong near the end of the game when they put 5 seconds on the shot clock for Purdue? That was after a jump ball so either team that got the ball should have a new shot clock.