Designer's Big Ten helmet ideas hit Web

There’s a designer out there, Charles Sollars, who is designing FAUX Nike Pro Combat helmets for BCS conference schools. While the helmets are just concepts and something he does as a hobby, I assume, they’re still really fun for all of us to consider and critique. Many of the lids are pretty cool, too. He has a design for every Big Ten school — some good, some ridiculous — and you can see them in this post.

Again, these are not real — just something fun to consider. Read more about the helmets over at

Fake Illinois Helmet Design

Click the links below to see a picture of the helmets.
Michigan | Other Michigan concepts
Michigan State
Minnesota | Other Minnesota concepts
Nebraska | Other Nebraska concepts
Northwestern | Other Northwestern concepts
Ohio State | Other Ohio State concepts
Penn State | Other Penn State concepts
Wisconsin | Other Wisconsin concepts

Thoughts? My personal favorites are Illinois and Purdue. web editor Brent Yarina writes the Clothes Call features. Send him your Big Ten fashion tips here, find all of his work here and follow him on Twitter at @BTNBrentYarina.


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Kelly on 2/1/2012 @ 4:40pm EDT Said:

No. Just, no. These are all pretty weak.

asborn on 2/1/2012 @ 5:54pm EDT Said:

Illinois is the only acceptable one

aroznowski on 2/1/2012 @ 6:32pm EDT Said:

Check out some more made up college football helmets. There’s one for Illinois and one for Penn State. staff on 2/1/2012 @ 6:50pm EDT Said:

    Great add. Thanks!

neal on 2/1/2012 @ 8:19pm EDT Said:

If a change had to be made i go with the blue helmet. But love our reconizable white helmet, know by all.

j.radke on 2/1/2012 @ 8:45pm EDT Said:

I think that several of these are very interesting: any of the PSU helmets would be an improvement, the OSU helmet is a nice change and so are the Minnesota possibilities. Nebraska really needs something new, but I think that this helmet misses the mark. Although it messes with tradition, I like several of the Michigan helmets as a nice variation. It sure beats those awful jerseys they had against ND.

ep on 2/1/2012 @ 8:50pm EDT Said:

The illini helmets should happen.

duff on 2/1/2012 @ 9:49pm EDT Said:

The Illinois concept is by far the best, and they should use it. The OSU helmet with buckey on it was pretty sweet too. I also liked the wisconsin helmets.

David on 2/1/2012 @ 9:56pm EDT Said:

I love the Illinois helmet!

Joe on 2/2/2012 @ 10:41am EDT Said:

The Illini helmets are plain SICK! I thought some of the OSU helmets are pretty cool. Nebraska with the skull and cross bones is creative but wouldn’t happen. The rest are ho humm

Charles Sollars on 2/2/2012 @ 12:28pm EDT Said:

here is a link to all my big ten concepts

tell me what you would like to see and i will try it staff on 2/2/2012 @ 12:30pm EDT Said:

    Charles, thanks! Great work. As fans of uniform stuff (just like our readers on this site), we’d love to see any concepts you have for basketball uniform mockups. Great fun! Thanks again.

      charles sollars on 2/2/2012 @ 12:36pm EDT Said:

      i am doing big ten big 12 sec pac 12 acc big east in football first. i have also have like 30 chiefs full uniforms, some rams, broncos, and pats i can post links if you would like. staff on 2/2/2012 @ 12:41pm EDT Said:

      That’s great. We’re mostly interested in the Big Ten, of course, and invite our readers looking at this to check out the links in the comments here. Good luck.

Charles Sollars on 2/2/2012 @ 12:44pm EDT Said:
here is a link to all of my sets you can look by team, ncaa, nfl, or league. the black overlay with red O is the best ohio state one in my mind. I know the Neb ones would never fly but the blackshirts need a day on the game day field in my mind. Black helmets, their logo, still 100% Nebraska. If it is special to get a blackshirt for practice why not for a game?

charles sollars on 2/2/2012 @ 12:49pm EDT Said:
iowa 9

Iowa link with 4 more concepts

charles sollars on 2/2/2012 @ 12:56pm EDT Said:
neb corn

nebraska link 3 helmets total

Brian on 2/2/2012 @ 1:59pm EDT Said:

Please NEVER EVER do a mock up of a Penn State helmet again. I like most fans would be outraged beyond belief if anyone touched out uniforms especially our helmets. (Unless they put the numbers back on out of respect for another program, player or JoePa.)

    Charles sollars on 2/2/2012 @ 2:17pm EDT Said:

    i am a fan of JoePa and I hope that they never change the classic look they have.i was originally not going to do one But it seems that the people that now run penn state don’t like to be reminded of the tradition that they have. Seeing how they want to distance themselves from their own coaches, players, and everything else penn state a change to the classic white helmet might be coming because it is so anti penn state so I made a few of what might be next. No disrespect intended to anyone

Nathan on 2/2/2012 @ 5:12pm EDT Said:

50% of the vote is for a helmet concept that has a 0% chance of being used. It’s sad really, because that helmet really does associate perfectly with the former symbol of the university. Athough I wouldn’t want to see that helmet 12 (hopefully 13-14(B10 Champ game)) weeks out of the year, but as a one time use during the year, it would be awesome.

James on 2/2/2012 @ 6:36pm EDT Said:

For all the narrow minded fools out there, shut up!! Chuck is someone that can actually look outside the box and use his imagination, unlike most of these posts I’ve read. It’s 2012, not 1912. Wake up. Keep up the awesome work Chuck!!

    Charles Sollars on 2/2/2012 @ 7:22pm EDT Said:

    thanks james

bundy on 2/3/2012 @ 1:22pm EDT Said:

Charles, i get what you are doing and i think most of your work is awesome. My only problem is Penn State, maybe it’s because i’m use to seeing an all white helmet.

Tim DeWitt on 2/5/2012 @ 3:14am EDT Said:

Illini helmet rocks! Folks would pay mad money for replicas of this. It just captures it all – well done!

Pappy on 2/6/2012 @ 1:49pm EDT Said:

To all that said the Illini helmet should happen……It can’t. The NCAA forced Illinois to retire the Chief. They deemed it hostile and abusive and threatened to ban all NCAA post season events at the University if they did not retire him.

Kyle on 2/9/2012 @ 2:09pm EDT Said:


I love that corn helmet for the huskers. It is so refreshingly wacky, I would love to see them in action. Your concepts are freaking amazing!!!! Keep it up, you have a talent.

Kurt on 3/5/2012 @ 7:06am EDT Said:

I would say OSU and UM look the best. Illinois and Nebraska are interesting too. I did not like PSU, Iowa, MSu at all. Indiana is appropriate I thought but would get old seeing the candy cane look.

Nathan___ on 3/14/2012 @ 5:09pm EDT Said:

Don’t bother redesigning OSU, Michigan, and PSU’s uni. You don’t need a logo on a helmet if it is already perfect. And why is MSU’s helmet black and gold when their colors are green and white? Exactly what is the purpose of the backwards “N” on the Northwestern lid? Why does every team need to wear black? So many questions. Illinois’s concept is kind of cool though.

bwsmoney on 3/27/2012 @ 10:06pm EDT Said:

Charles, why do designers always try to work black into every team’s colors? As a fan of a school whose primary color is black, it’s greatly irritating to see black stolen by everyone else. I lessens the impact of the color for teams who rely on it for their identity. As for your designs, good job on Illinois, and that’s about it.

    charles Sollars on 3/28/2012 @ 3:42pm EDT Said:

    people do black because fans like it because they think it will look cool, like michigan i did a black one to shut people up, nebraska i did it because of the blackshirt thing. Purdue they should be black. Black or grey make for a good base

Stephen Cox on 5/25/2012 @ 12:15pm EDT Said:

I have ALWAYS wondered why THE Ohio State University has never done a great GRAY or Black uniform. Those mock-ups are TIGHT!!! I LOVE the MSU lid…TOTALLY reminded of the old leather helmets! I LOVED the Penn State lid with the traditional white with Blue Stripe…but with the athletic logo in a “water-mark” on the side! THAT might sell to the fans! Some were hokey…but MANY were AMAZING and have great potential to make it to the fields! WELL done!

Pete on 1/14/2013 @ 2:31pm EDT Said:

Illinois helmet is absolutely fantastic, even if it wouldn’t pass NCAA, I would still buy one!

Jodi Arends Suntken on 1/27/2013 @ 6:41pm EDT Said:

My 9 yr old and I liked looking at ll the helmets…He collects the mini versions avail in stores now. We liked the classic old school herky logo on the Iowa helmets the best. Thanks for your work! Fun to see…. Go Hawks….

SpartanJMRS on 7/12/2013 @ 9:15pm EDT Said:

Why does MSU only have 2 helmet concepts? I feel so much disrespect for my team right now…