Beyond: Coach of the Year Joins Us!

On tonight’s Big Ten Football & Beyond, at 10:30 p.m. ET, our guys will announce the conference’s offensive and defensive players of the year, in addition to the coach of the year, who will join us for an interview. Who is he? Watch to find out. We’ll also give our thoughts on the first year of divisional play and on whether LSU vs. Alabama is the right matchup for the BCS title game. See what else our guys will be discussing on tonight’s show in this post.

  • Andy Staples and Gerry DiNardo discuss Urban Meyer to Ohio State and what it means.
  • Is the BCS system the right system?
  • How does Urban Meyer’s contract and assistants’ contracts, along with Michigan’s Greg Mattison, change coaching landscape of Big Ten?
  • Staples, Coach and Teddy Greenstein give their Current Heisman Top 5


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huskerred on 11/30/2011 @ 12:22pm EDT Said:

Enough about Urban Meyer, please! Not once have I seen any press say anything about how the NCAA violations are going to restrain Ohio State in bowl eligibility or the amount of scholarships they can lose. Lets face it, new recurits are not looking to hitch up to schools that cannot be in the spotlight. Meyer will be able to upset other teams applecarts along the way, but as far as representing the B1G his hands will be tied. Meyer’s recruiting efforts will be hindered. Will Meyer be that fixall fix for Ohio State? Just guessing he will have a mountain to scale, so instead of sending him all these flowers, maybe mountain boots are in better need. With all that said, I say, time will tell.

Joe Simones on 12/1/2011 @ 1:20am EDT Said:

Teddy, get real. The BCS is a joke. If there was a 8 team playoff with the 6 champs from the big 6 conferences with 2 at large teams would be WAY better than this objective system that you seem to like. I am writing this and I am still not comprehending your arguments. Do you suppose that needing to be a conference champ doesn’t make every game important? Your arguments are flawed and are the reason that college football almost never crowns a legitimate national champion.