PSU Board Press Conference to Air on BTN

The Penn State board of trustees press conference, which announced the dismissal of Joe Paterno and University President Graham Spanier (read the AP story), will air on BTN beginning at 2 a.m. ET Thursday. Repeats of the presser will run until 11 a.m., at which time the press conference to announce Tom Bradley, formerly the defensive coordinator, as the interim head coach is scheduled to begin. Here’s’s release on Bradley taking over. Bradley and Penn State, the top team in the Leaders Division, host Nebraska on Saturday.

On BTN Wednesday night, Dave Revsine hosted a 90-minute special on the Penn State scandal. Watch all of our video clips from the show. Also, watch Revsine’s interviews with former Penn State players. senior writer Tom Dienhart posted a column on the scandal, as well. You can catch up on all the latest Penn State news with our AP story archive and by following’s Paterno coverage.

What to make of Joe Paterno’s legacy? Our analysts, Gerry DiNardo and Chris Martin, offer their thoughts below:


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herschel53 on 11/10/2011 @ 10:00am EDT Said:

First let me say that the occurrence of sexual abuse is abhorrent.
Next let me say that Joe Pa deserves to be treated with dignity, not disrespect. Joe Pa did as much as anyone would be expected to do in the same situation.

As an Iowa grad watching numerous embarassing defeats by PSU, there is no more venerable opponent than Joe Pa.

Cornhuskers, stand up for dignity by SITTING DOWN on Saturday. Refuse to play PSU.

    Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer on 11/10/2011 @ 10:26am EDT Said:

    How is Paterno being disrespected? Again, this ISN’T about Paterno. This is about the victims. JoePa HAD his chance to do the right thing. And he punted. Now, he’s paying the price of his reputation and good name. He’s lucky law authorities aren’t coming after him. So, quit crying for JoePa.

Salt Life on 11/10/2011 @ 12:32pm EDT Said:

I applaud the Penn State Board of Trustees for doing the right thing in firing Paterno and Spanier. Both absolutely deserve to be fired and castigated for their inaction back in 2002 which allowed a monster to continue to run free to molest and rape many more innocent State College children. That is unconscionable and unforgivable. Joe Pa has rightfully lost the respect of millions around the country and his legacy is understandably severely tainted and tarnished. Actions of Penn State students rioting in support of a shameful figurehead is shameful and appalling.

    Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer on 11/10/2011 @ 3:23pm EDT Said:

    I couldn’t have said it any better. Students rioting over Paterno’s firing? Pathetic.

    And what do you think Paterno would have done if the G.A. had told him in 2002 that he saw Paterno’s grandchild in the shower with Sanduksy? You think JoePa would have just told his A.D. and stopped there???????

Kevin on 11/10/2011 @ 1:08pm EDT Said:

Tom, at the time this was brought to Paterno’s attention it was an allegation by one person. Paterno did not witness the incident himself. He didn’t have the luxury of knowing everything we know now. He didn’t know if the allegation was true at that time, it still hasn’t been proven to be true, even if we all believe it to be. He reported it up the chain as he was supposed to. It’s everyone above Paterno that didn’t do their job, from the AD, who still hasn’t been fired, up to and including the BOT at PSU that are really to blame here. The BOT want to defer the attention and possible blame from them to another, the media wants a sensational story. Paterno being the face of the program is fits both roles nicely, a scapegoat for the BOT, someone well known for the media to burn.

    Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer on 11/10/2011 @ 3:27pm EDT Said:

    In case you missed it, Paterno SAID he wished he had done more about the situation. Paterno HAD to know Sandusky was a creep. He worked side by side with the guy for YEARS!!! I refuse to believe Paterno was blindsided by all of this. I think he felt he was above scrutiny and questioning and doubt. He has a MASSIVE EGO and sense of entitlement.

Carole Bicknell on 11/10/2011 @ 2:25pm EDT Said:

I and several friends, young and old (95) agree with Kevin’s statement about PSU. The trustees have used Joe as a scapegoat, even though he helped build PSU. This is not a football problem. It
is the universities and yet the top man did not report to the police. It
was not Joe’s responsibility and he was not charged. Yes this is
terrible for the children, but the school should blame who is really
responsible. Also the media and your network have made it worse, for news…

    Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer on 11/10/2011 @ 3:20pm EDT Said:

    JoePa may have done all he had to do within the university structure, but he FAILED in his moral obligation. The Education Secretary said in a statement that schools and its officials have a LEGAL and MORAL responsibility to protect young people. Just because JoePa won 409 games doesn’t make him any better than anyone else. We all make mistakes. He just happened to make a huge one that will define his career.

Erika on 11/10/2011 @ 3:19pm EDT Said:

I hope the people whom are defending Paterno have read the grand jury presentment. The first allegations of child sex abuse occurred in 1998. It is no coincidence that Paterno forced Sandusky to retire in 1999. This has been a massive coverup. Paterno, Curley and the president all knew (in addition to McQueary). Yet, they allowed Sandusky to parade around campus with young boys, to volunteer coach at the high school (before later being banned because of abuse allegations). They all should have been fired and brought up on charges for failure to report Sandusky!

Kevin on 11/10/2011 @ 5:54pm EDT Said:

Tom, it was an allegation, what do you not get about that? To charge someone with a crime it takes evidence. Do you understand that? What do you believe would happen to Paterno if he accused someone at the University of committing a sex crime against a minor and it turned out the witness had lied?

Erika, yes, I have read it. Please provide a reference that shows where Sandusky was forced out by Paterno because of a known sexual assault.

The BOT are wealthy and powerfull individuals away from the University, they have more to lose than all the others involved. Last night they stated they had to do what was in the best intrest of PSU. I guess they thought pouring gas on a fire would put it out? The riots were predicted by many, some thinking it was going to be much worse than it has been, at least, so far.

Don’t you find it odd that the media is pointing fingers at everyone but the BOT? Do you believe that an investigation could be done on Sandusky by the local DA, who has been missing for several years now and never been found(for those who don’t know that) and the BOT wouldn’t hear of it? Do you believe Sandusky would be removed from his own chairty for accusations of sex crimes against minors and the BOT wouldn’t hear about that either? Do you believe Spanier didn’t report the accusation that was reported to Paterno to the BOT? If they didn’t then they should resign or be removed from their positions. Who’s job is it to protect the University from these types of events? Everyone there but most importantly the Board of TRUSTEES! It looks as if the smoke and mirrors are working so far.

Erika on 11/10/2011 @ 7:46pm EDT Said:

Kevin, you are either naive or oblivious to the obvious. Page 11 of the presentment notes: “Schultz testified that Sandusky retired when Paterno felt it was time to make a coaching change…” This was during a time when Sandusky was the heir apparent to Joe! Sandusky’s “retirement” shocked the football community. Again, I feel there is a link to the sexual abuse allegations brought forth in 1998 (and most likely somethings occurred in 1999 as well. I don’t believe the predator took a hiatus). The guy whom Joe Paterno had been grooming as his successor suddenly retiring is analogous to relocating a priest, suspected of child molestation, to a new parish. I believe much more is going to be revealed. I just don’t understand how you can be so firmly in the corner of someone who did not take action to prevent additional child rape.
If I follow your logic, Paterno is excused because he reported, what he heard, to his “superior.” I’m going to let that go for a moment… Even if you dismiss McQueary’s words as hearsay, why does Paterno, and others, continuously allow Sandusky to bring young boys on the campus following this issue? The slightest hint of impropriety with children should have, at the very least, caused him to err on the side of caution for the sake of the children. McQueary reported the child rape to Paterno on the morning of Saturday March 2, 2002 (and for some reason Paterno did not call Curley until the next day. My guess is he was too busy building his legacy to get on the phone). As a result, “…he [Sandusky] was prohibited from bringing youth onto the Penn State campus from that point forward.” Yet, the grand jury report shows that Victim 1 attended “pre-season practices at Penn State” in 2007. Sandusky and Paterno were friends and collegues for years. Am I to believe that Joseph Paterno was not made aware of Sandusky’s change in status on that campus? NO, I believe Paterno was apprised of all actions involving the football department which is why he was fired.

    Kevin on 11/11/2011 @ 8:00am EDT Said:

    Erika, you seem to be oblivious to the fact that you’re making assumptions. Do you believe how you “feel” would hold up in a court of law?

    In the best intrest of PSU the BOT has fired Paterno, yet they haven’t fired McQueary, the person who witnessed it, McQueary is still employed by PSU. Curley, the AD and the man Paterno reported it to, is still employed by PSU despite being arrested.

    Here is a flow chart for you: McQueary > Paterno > Curley. How is it that only the guy in the middle has been removed from his position by the BOT?