Pulse: What to Make of the Blackshirts?

Entering the 2011 college football season, Nebraska was the popular pick when it came to the Big Ten’s best defensive unit. With returning stars such as Jared Crick, Lavonte David and Alfonzo Dennard, among others, the Huskers boasted the talent, not to mention the coaching. Three games in, though, the Huskers have allowed 24.7 points per game (67th in FBS) and 1,094 total yards (77th). Yes, they have missed Dennard, who has been out with a leg injury, but where does Nebraska stand as a defense and as a team? That’s what “The Big Ten Pulse” crew discusses in this web-only segment.

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gogreen90 on 9/19/2011 @ 7:52pm EDT Said:

Pretty dumb opinion to say you are concerned about MSU and then say you are on Northwestern bandwagon. Though I am concerned about MSU I still think the chance they win the next 3 games (CMU, OSU, UM) is about 70%. The chance they lose all 3 is pretty much 0%. The chance that NU wins its next 3 games (Illinois, UM, Iowa) is about 10%. The chance NU loses all 3 is about 35%. I guess if you consider MSU expectations to be considerably higher then there is some justification, but losing to Army has to be way worse than losing to ND.

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