Vote Now: BTN Live Week 3 Polls

So our new show “BTN Live” airs at 7 p.m. ET Thursday on BTN, and as you can tell from the name, it’s a live show from our BTN studios. All season long, they’ll be spotlighting tweets (follow @BTNLive now if you don’t already), Facebook comments, call-in messages, and poll results. That’s where you come in right here and right now. Answer the poll questions below, and we’ll use the results on Thursday’s show. Also, make sure to watch the show to see if your tweet, comment or message makes the show.

And don’t forget to use our GameFinder for Saturday’s five BTN games. Track all the Week 3 action on our Big Ten scoreboard, hear your coach’s latest teleconference and get ready for Saturday’s slate of games with Brent Yarina’s Week 3 Preview.


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jeffery on 9/13/2011 @ 5:55pm EDT Said:

I’m from nebraska and I love the network. I love being in the BIG 10 where you have your own network.

Vince Foster on 9/14/2011 @ 12:03pm EDT Said:

I agree with Jeff. I love the Big 10 network,and Thank you to all the Universities and Jim Delany for inviting us into your conf.

JamesD on 9/14/2011 @ 12:29pm EDT Said:

Another Nebraska fan that loves having a network for the entire conference… as opposed to a network for Texas.
Greed killed the Big 12.
Will the last member of the Big 12 please shut the door on the way out.

Arlyn on 9/14/2011 @ 3:36pm EDT Said:

Why don’t the Big 10 scoop up Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Missouri and Notre Dame and make a super 16 Conference and not wait until the Pac 12 scoops them up. Let the Pac 12 have the cry baby Texas teams.

Peter Garthe on 9/14/2011 @ 8:15pm EDT Said:

Michigan State will play with confidence to beat Notre Dame. They are ready to spoil Notre Dame perfect 0-3 record. Michigan State will be a long shot to win the Big Ten Conference Football title. Michigan will beat Ohio State, This year, they will win the Division Champions and play in the Championship game in Indianapolis.

JamesD on 9/14/2011 @ 9:47pm EDT Said:

Arlyn, the Big Ten would gladly take Notre Dame but they have their own network deal and aren’t in a hurry to join a conference.
As for the others, some are great for athletics but facilities or academics aren’t on the level of the rest of the Big 10. And with schools from Oklahoma or Kansas trying to stay together, it complicates things.
Iowa State, Missouri, Kansas, and Kansas State would probably jump at the chance to join the Big 10 if invited.
Most schools committed to facilities upgrades to meet the FOX sports contract. Iowa State already has bonds to pay off, KState has projects underway or soon to be, and Missouri has donors withholding funds until they see what conference they end up in.

Ryan on 9/15/2011 @ 12:43am EDT Said:

Here’s one more Nebraskan who loves the Big Ten and its–our–network!

Keith on 9/15/2011 @ 3:24pm EDT Said:

Big Illini fan, and can’t wait for the game this weekend. Going to be a big test for the Illini against a good team. I think they are very close but I give Illinois the edge because they are at home. What do you think?

Jerry on 9/15/2011 @ 7:18pm EDT Said:

Penn State better watch out because Temple expects to win this game.