Ohio St., Michigan St. Unveil Pro Combat Unis

Michigan State and Ohio State’s much-anticipated Nike Pro Combat Uniforms were released Tuesday morning. You can see and read about Michigan State’s here and Ohio State’s here. And check out all the teams’ Pro Combat uniforms here. Thanks to Phil Knight, a huge Oregon donor, and Nike, these futuristic and often silly uniforms remain a part of today’s game. Some people love them, some people hate them. It really depends on whether you’re old-school or new-school.

The Spartans will wear their special Nike duds on Oct. 15 against rival Michigan. The Buckeyes, who have worn Pro Combat uniforms the past two years against Michigan, will honor their 1961 national championship team with the special threads Oct. 29 against Wisconsin.

Let’s analyze the two uniforms:

Michigan State – Where’s the white? Why are the Spartans going to look more like Colorado State than, you know, Michigan State? The bronze helmet doesn’t make much sense at all. Nor do the black pants. The forest green jersey is OK, but the black sleeves do nothing to help. Again, where’s the white for a school that chants “Go Green! Go White! Go State!”

Ohio State – These uniforms look like Ohio State and are much easier to tolerate, although the scarlet stripe down the middle of the helmet is more than obnoxious. The pants are cool and the jerseys, other than the gray sleeves and gray collar, sort of resemble the Buckeyes’ classic look.


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SBS on 9/13/2011 @ 2:49pm EDT Said:

It is important to remember that everyone has an opinion but also to remember that not everyone’s opinion is important, namely yours. you might want to work on that byline photo or do you really look like that, go green go spite.

    Brent Yarina, BTN.com on 9/13/2011 @ 4:38pm EDT Said:

    Of course we all have an opinion, and I was just giving mine. Thanks for reading.